Every what I make?

Something has puzzled me for years.

In my travels around the internet a song keeps popping up to mystify me. It appears that Hillsong Kids has performed and recorded the well known worship song ‘Every Move I Make‘ by David Ruis.

If you search Google with “Every move I make Hillsong Kids” 84,000 results come up!

If you search Youtube 184 videos result!

We have never actually recorded this song. And it’s definitely not us singing the song.

Can anyone help unravel this mystery?



While It’s Hot

Tis is the season to be jolly!

Our team here at hillsongmusic.com are have a super dooper special on our first two BiG Curriculums. Usually $230 each, get ’em both for $250! That’s almost two for the price of one…

This is all leading to the launch of Big 3 – Supernatural very soon!


Merry Christmas from Hillsong Kids!! Valid for a limited time only, Purchase ‘Follow You’ and receive ‘Tell The World’ for only $20! Available only until December 10th, that’s 26 weeks of curriculum for only $249.99! CLICK HERE TO GET IT FOR YOUR CHURCH!

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New Tee Shirts!

So we have just launched new ministry tees this weekend at Hillsong Church.

So to all Hillsong Kids Leaders don’t forget to bring in your old tees leaders and trade them in, along with ten bucks if you can!

discount cialis online alt=”New Tees” width=”440″ height=”330″ />

Photo courtesy of @K4Kieran from our Hills Campus!

I am really happy with the design – and the three colours are just options for our leaders to choose from. If you look in the top right of the design you can see our name tags that are printed out from our Biometric (fingerprint) ESI (Electronic Sign In) kiosks. So there is actually a spot to put the name tag now — looks smart!

Thanks to Ricky on our communications staff who hooked us up and pointed us in the right direction for suppliers!

NOTE: If you are wondering why we get our leaders to bring in old tees, its mainly because we don’t them showing up in second hand clothing stores and we hope to recycle the old ones for some purpose like tee shirt games for kids and even giving them to one of our new campuses in Europe.


Believe This

Our 2008 Hillsong Kids album is called Follow You.

It takes Jesus out of an abstract belief and makes it concrete, a cultural shift from diflucan sale faith being a set of propositions you put your trust in.

A generation ago that album could have been called ‘Believe This’.

Witness the rise of social justice in the Church which (hopefully) gives equal footing to worship and justice in our faith.

Justice takes our abstract doctrine and makes it concrete… we are called to be Jesus’ hands and feet.



BIG Release Competition

So there is a twitter competition going on right now! In fact it just started.

Check out the official BIG website here: http://hillsongkidsbig.com/news/10/01/big-release-competition

All the rules and everything you need to know!

Oh and here is the latest on the release of Follow You!

diflucan discount prices width=”480″ height=”295″ codebase=”http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,40,0″>


So You Think You Can… Lead Kids

We just started a bit of a leadership promo here at church for the kids department.

We are calling it ‘So You Think You Can… Lead Kids’. Encouraging clonidine sleeping prescription all of our leaders to invite one other person to lead our awesome kids – Kind of a ‘Double Your Impact’ month.

Check out the page here: hillsongkids.com/leadkids

Now I did this site pretty much myself using free tools online and put them on our site. And the video was edited with iMovie, but comment below if you would like to know the process of the deal and with enough interest I can lay it all down for ya!



A Hole Nutha Level!

Didn’t have a camera!

So had to steal a couple of shots from some friends on facebook. 🙂

Kidsfest 2008… album recording… the whole day…

God is good. The event REALLY was a huge blessing to our kids and our church!

Hillsong Kids Album 2008 pit choir
Hillsong Kids Album 2008 rehearsal

Hillsong Kids Album 2008 rehearsal

So once I get a hold of our ‘offical’ photos from the album I will link ’em here.