Unlikely Heroes – Plus Two More!

Right, so we take a long time to release resources at Hillsong Kids… it usually takes almost a year to finish a 9 week curriculum project. So I am surprised as anyone to see us release THREE at the same time. It’s new release Wednesday!

It’s unheard of, and you should check them all out, especially if you speak Spanish or know someone who does! Because we made a Spanish version of our Crazy Noise Album… that’s right a Spanish album, our first ever!


Let’s count this down, firstly a new BiG Curriculum UNLIKELY HEROES

UH Thumb

Then we have another Curriculum called Listen Up! (It’s a conference edition digital only product)


And maybe most exciting, because it’s a first, Ruido Alegre!

Por primera vez, Hillsong Kids presenta un álbum en español especialmente para niños de edad preescolar y de edad escolar temprana. ¡Ruido Alegre! es un álbum lleno de canciones nuevas geniales para que los más pequeños puedan cantar y adorar a Dios.
El pastor de niños de la Iglesia Hillsong David Wakerley, dice: “Hace mucho tiempo hemos querido crear un álbum para niños de esta edad y estamos muy emocionados con esta producción. ¡Ruido Alegre! está lleno de canciones con las que los más pequeños disfrutarán cantando, bailando y alabando a Dios”.


Much more to share, but wanted to announce before doing anything else!

Comment below, especially if you speak Spanish, would love to hear from you…



Mike Johnson failed me

So here’s the thing. I love scouring the worlds internets to find music that is created specifically for Christian Kids, especially for use in Praise and Worship during weekend services. You can read all of the musical mention posts I have written in the past few months on the blog.

At Hillsong Kids we have used Elevate Curriculum and I have met Mike Johnson the creator at a CPC conference in San Diego in the past and he an almost embarrassingly generous man. But how did the knowledge of this series of albums pass-by me?

Radio E is the music from the Elevate curriculum series released in a series of collections. Some of the songs are specific to their curriculum, but there is a ton of praise music scattered all over the resource!

But somehow, the obvious extreme marketing efforts have somehow missed me? Here is the description from their website:

Tell the kids in your ministry how they can listen to Elevate music all week long! They can download the same music they hear at church from their favorite online music store! Radio E Music can be found on iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon MP3Spotify and much more. Preschool, Elementary, and generic music graphics available.

You can kinda check out the videos here: www.elevateathome.com/shop/music/ but it doesn’t appear to let you download videos?

So I am going to have to leverage the impressive reach and influence of my very influential blog* to make sure you have all heard about this incredible collection. And also put the pressure on Mike and his team to release lyric videos/backing versions of the praise and worship songs!

My theory is they should put together a collection of the praise and worship songs and create a resource we can use this weekend… (not literally, but soon would be great).

Yours Sincerely,

David Wakerley

P.S. I’m a big fan Mike… and of the producer of this music!


*Not really


This kids magazine is awesome

Good friend Simon Parry has created a great magazine for kids that just looks awesome! (And it’s not just because my wife is on the front cover) In fact you should check out the site at Allstars Records there is a lot going on there and it is a fantastic resource for those involved in kidmin especially in the UK.

magThe Allstars Kids magazine is a monthly Christian magazine for kids that love Jesus! Each issue will be packed with interviews, games, features, cartoons, music downloads, videos, Bible stuff, competitions and loads more!
Our aim is to encourage children all over the word with the good news of Jesus, to see them worship Him and to serve God with all their heart. You can also subscribe for a year so you never miss an issue!



Musical Mention: Look Up – Gateway NEXT

*Musical Mention posts are more of a highlight feature rather than a source of no holds barred critical review. If you would like to suggest an album for a Music Moment feature then please comment below.

Gateway NEXT is the worship ministry that is changing and impacting thousands of young lives weekly during Gateway Church services in multiple locations throughout North Texas. This worship team is from Gateway’s Amazing Kids ministry. It aims to inspire more people, especially children through music.

Inspired by this goal, Gateway Next has come up with its first project, an album entitled Look Up. This project was created to minister to the next generation, to the things that are happening every day in the lives of our young children. Music is a very effective means of reaching them and touching their lives.


Look Up by Gateway NEXT is an uninhibited, pure and sincere brand of worship songs, full of life, energetically responding to the call of our loving God. (1 Samuel 3:8).

Look Up is filled with songs and words of declaration inspiring young hearts to be bold in their response to the voice of God that speaks openly with them. This first album will capture the attention of the next generation that is already changing their present world with their boldness, while building up their faith to be the catalyst for change tomorrow.

These original songs have been written and recorded with the same heart that comes from the leadership of Gateway Worship, and their powerful expression of worship. Look Up serves as a glance into their journey of discovery and understanding of the power and presence of God in their daily lives.


  1. We Are
  2. Look Up
  3. You
  4. How Great Your Love Is
  5. One Way (All the Way Out)
  6. Gonna Love You
  7. Living For You
  8. Secret Place
  9. My Heart
  10. Masterpiece

GATEWAY NEXT WORSHIP – LOOK UP CD PROMO from Gateway Worship on Vimeo.

“GatewayNEXT’s album “Look Up” has gone from Dove nominated to Dove winner! So grateful for the support of our Gateway Church family and proud of every single person who was involved.” – Gateway Church


This really is the Kids Worship album of 2013! It is from a local Church team working together to produce something that will reach the hearts and minds of kids. This is a Church that obviously has it’s eyes across the whole breadth of ages. There are resources oozing out on their store at gatewaycreate.com for all ages. It is just simply refreshing to see a Church who have brought out so much for adults and teens focus on kids, I love it!

Look Up contains 10 new worship songs written by the Gateway team of songwriters. Featuring Kari Jobe. These songs from gatewayNEXT hit the preteen age perfectly and there is a nice mix of live/rock tracks with pop/dance tracks.

Looking forward to much more of this in the future and I would love to to see a live recording, there are videos online of a performance from a Church service, but it would be great to see a full album!!


Some of these songs lean toward the ‘performance zone’ rather than a congregational vibe, which gives the album a high replay edge so after multiple listens in the car the repeat button stays on. The Gateway kids worship pastor Dana Johnson has not only written some great songs but also bought the best of Gateway Church Worship to create worship that kids all over the world can relate to!

More info at JesusFreakHideout


Nummer 1 – Album Release

Hillsong Stockholm just released a kids music album!

It’s a collection of  some songs from our albums for the past few years (I actually haven’t heard it yet and am waiting to get a copy to see what they have done with the tunes).

Here’s what they had to say on their instagram:

Nu på söndag har vi release party för vårt nya Hillsong Kids album på svenska ‘Nummer 1’. Kom och fira med oss kl 10 och 12 när Hillsong Kids är med och framför några av låtarna från skivan. Vi ses på Nalen!

Which is something about a release party:

Anyway, was excited to share this and will post some links in the comments where you can buy this (especially if you speak Swedish or know someone who does!)


Here’s what’s coming…

So here’s what happened.

Over the years I have tried to make every one aware of new kids music coming down the tubes, especially praise and worship music from independent artists, churches etc.

In August last year I wrote this post about a new kids album coming out here in Australia from a local Church here in Sydney. I couldn’t find any other real information on the album and declared my post the official website for the album 🙂

That idea stuck with me a while and ruminated in my fertile imagination fuelled by Pepsi Max and Dark Chocolate.

So what I hope to do is a whole lot more of these kind of posts. Now I don’t really want to call them reviews, because being a producer of music and content myself it’s a little awkward to critique the work of others, so the posts will not be the kind of hard hitting journalistic expose that purports to decide the success or demise of an album.

BUT – instead serve as a great way to highlight the great kids music coming from all corners of the world. With about 2,000 ‘praise and worship’ albums for adults coming out from Churches and independent artists and probably 50-100 for kids each year I reckoned I could cover a lot of them!!!

I’m going to scour the net looking for music but here’s how you can help:

  1. Comment below if you think this is a good idea.
  2. Get me in contact with any music creators you know, or get them to contact me with their music!
  3. Comment below with links for great music
  4. Make some great music and let me know!

This will be great!

Time Is On My Side

Jenna via Compfight


More Nu Musak



More new praise and worship music for kiddly winks.

I REALLY like the Kids on the Move team (I even bolded the REALLY if you noticed). The Senior pastor of Church on the Move Willie George practically invented children’s ministry (not even joking) and Jim Wideman it’s co-creator took it to new heights as the kids pastor for many years!

SIDE NOTE: I have had the privilege to spend some time with Jim Wideman and here’s pretty much how conversations go with him:

Me: “So we did this <insert kind of cool thing> with our kids last year, but we couldn’t seem to <insert issue>”

Jim: (clears throat) “Yeah, tried somethin’ like that back in 1984 and found that you need to <insert solution> and God will bless it, dadgummit!”

Me: “Oh… yeah… wow…”

(Problem solved).

And… back to topic: In the last little while the seeds blog has come online and been a HUGE blessing to me as I have watched kids services and events all filmed beautifully and lots or input from their myriad of awesome people like Adam Bush and Gabe George etc.

Check out their CM category on the blog.

So enter their album Greater is He!

Tracks include:

Jesus, What a Friend
I Love My Bible
Jesus Is Alive Right Now
Greater Is He
You Are My Rescue
I Obey Right Away
Jesus, I Love You
By Faith
Jesus Is the Way
Jesus on My Journey
Jesus, What a Friend (Remix)

My favourite? Jesus on My Journey.

I really like the title track Greater Is He with an awesome kids choir rocking in the background as well! But don’t take my word for it check out the iTunes link and sample some of these tunes!

Awesome job KOTM team, I’m sure that Hillsong Kids will be worshipping to some of these soon… which leads to a question… backing tracks and website with lyrics?





New Kids P&W

At Kidshaper Conference this year we were introduced to a team from ImagineNations Church in Penrith, Sydney.

INK is the band from ImagineNations Kids and they are awesome! They were playing songs from their CD Not Too Young and generally rocking out.

Our Churches need to be producing more praise and worship for our kids. The ratio of adult albums to kids is exorbitant, I would guess 100 to 1??

Well done Allyson Parker (Insert twitter link or similar social media site hopefully soon?) and the team!

And it seems that I may have an exclusive on this, because I cannot find a page or website or even a twitter mention, other than my wife?

So, by the power invested in me by the interwebs, I name this blog post as the official site of NOT TOO YOUNG by INK. 🙂

So not sure how to buy it, and not sure how you can listen to it, but I am hopeful that someone from the team will post a comment as the official site emerges!

UPDATE: So as the official Album Page, I thought I better add the track list and some credits from the album…

Track List:

1. Not Too Young
2. Get Up
3. My God Can Do Anything
4. Only One I Live For
5. Yours Alone
6. First Love
7. Super Awesome God
8. You Never Change
9. To The Rescue
10. Follow You Heart
11. Change Their World
12. You Are God

Produced by: Darren Field, Michael Winnett, Simon Austin
INK – (ImagineNations Kids) is the children’s ministry of ImagineNations Church Sydney.

Every what I make?

Something has puzzled me for years.

In my travels around the internet a song keeps popping up to mystify me. It appears that Hillsong Kids has performed and recorded the well known worship song ‘Every Move I Make‘ by David Ruis.

If you search Google with “Every move I make Hillsong Kids” 84,000 results come up!

If you search Youtube 184 videos result!

We have never actually recorded this song. And it’s definitely not us singing the song.

Can anyone help unravel this mystery?