Weekend Linkfest

Here are the best links of the week about #kidmin or #otherstuff


  • So there is very cool things happening online for #kidmin. Brother Michael Chanley is really stepping it up over at CMconnect.org. There is something going on and I think it will be really vital for everyone involved in family ministry or kids ministry. If you have never connected with the worlds leading social network for those who serve children in the Church, you really should!


  • Also, I was ranting at a good friend of mine with a stack of ministry experience recently, and I succeeded at berating her into starting a blog. Tammy Tolman has started a great blog at tammytolman.blogspot.com.au, she is trying fascinating models of ministry to reach her community especially in the area of working with families. Check out her books and resources! She has books, including collide, which I should really do a review/recap of!!


  • Mike Johnson is a good man, and responded to my last post about his failure. Check it out on his blog!
  • We put up our lastest Big Word (Memory Verse song) for Hillsong Kids at the YouTube Channel – It’s a good one 🙂


Weekend Linkfest

The first of the best links of the week about #kidmin or #otherstuff

This week has been the first Colour Conference here in Sydney and it’s all I have been doing, thusly the links will reflect this reality.

Is Nintendo doomed? I am a gaming fan, especially Nintendo and the Wii U hasn’t been doing well, (although me and my boys love it), but this article makes me a little happier

A Hillsong Collected blog post about Rehearsing for Colour.

And here is the sweet promo for next year!

And here’s a great recap photo album from facebook!


Weekend Linkfest

The first of the best links of the week about #kidmin or #otherstuff

(It is Monday here in Sydney, but still the weekend elsewhere in the world) 🙂

10 Jobs That No Longer Exist – I remember milk delivery!

Hillsong United released a new album! It’s great! Seriously great! hillsong.com Store

ARRRGHHH This is what I have been looking for! Dartstrip. Perfect for kidmin!


Lots of people ask and now they are up! All of our backing videos for Hillsong Kids albums are up online at hillsong.com/store



Weekend Linkfest

The first of the best links of the week about #kidmin or #otherstuff

3 things every meeting needs – How you conduct your meetings matter.

Worship: Never too Little – Yes! Great post from Planetshakers Kids blog, Great post Esther!

Evangelism with Kids is a Journey – Great post from Bill at Lifeway about salvation and kids!


Lots of people ask and now they are up! All of our backing videos for Hillsong Kids albums are up online at hillsong.com/store


Weekend Linkfest

The first of the best links of the week about #kidmin or #otherstuff

Controlling Soundtracks as you Lead Worship – from my friend Yancy, enough said! Sound practical advice.

HOW TO DELIVERY A GREAT MESSAGE TO KIDS – Practical helpful Jeff Mcclung and a brilliant typo in the heading! What more could you ask for 🙂

Constructing Childhood – [Video] Raul Gutierrez speaks about the last 100 years of childhood through the lens of his family, how children see the world, and Tinybop’s approach to designing mobile apps for children.


Great Quote

“People don’t mind being challenged to do better if they know the request is coming from a caring heart.”
— Ken Blanchard

Weekend Linkfest

The second list of the best links of the week about #kidmin or #otherstuff

Flipping Take-Home Papers On Their Head – Mind opening stuff here… it literally sparked off so many ideas in my brain area.

Top 100 #kidmin Tweeters – This is a few weeks old, but gives a great idea of the breadth of people in #kidmin

Make kids bath time more fun: Freeze the toys – Yes!

Ba Baby Bottle Holder – We have a baby due in May! Guess what they’re getting! 🙂

Baby Bottle Holder

A quote very relevant for everyone in Children’s Ministry!

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”
— Robert Heinlein



Things that are awesome

Things that are awesome!

Number 1: Funny man Dan No. 8

Number 2: Steve and Jeremy

Number 3: Full Episode 1 from Hillsong Kids Big: Supernatural!

Big Message 1: Supernatural BiG

Number 4: Top 100 Baby!

I am honoured to be number 7 on the list of Top Children’s Ministry Blogs. (down from last year though!)

top children's ministry blogs

And that’s what is awesome!


F is for Fun

I have given myself a challenge for the next 26 days – post the complete A-Z of Ministry to Children.

F… fun, fanatic, friends, forgetful, friar Frank…

F is for Fun – Hey you, yeah the fun police! Listen up… only 4% of the kids in the state of NSW in Australia have any extended contact with Church. Most of the families I want to reach and help in this community have no reference point to our ‘Christian’ sub culture. They don’t know the rules of religion, they don’t get the subtleties of pre-millennial vs. post-millennial rapture discussions, nor do they care. If you ever dare to try to talk/debate with me about how the ‘Church’ needs to stop being ‘edutainment’ and get back to getting deep into the word… listen… you wanna ‘get deep’… go and share your faith, go and serve someone who desperately needs a little help in this life… that’s deep!

Bottom line is this – Your efforts to take away laughter from the gathering of the Church community is taking away the very thing you are striving to obtain — real, passionate, engaged learning happens best… no wait… happens ONLY in an environment where there are smiles. Give me a child who has just laughed until they pee’d their pants (metaphorically) and I will show you a child who has given me permission to speak into their lives. I will show you a child who has put aside the pressures (and in some cases pain) of a 21st century, busy, urban, city life and has the space to take on board the word of God I am about to present to them.

If it ain’t fun, they ain’t learnin’


The Winner!

Earlier in this year of our LORD two thousand and nine we ran a competition and you can read about that here.

Well after many lots and dozens of the people variety voted the results are in and I am happy to announce that the winner of the Bad Ministry Acronym (or #BMA) with 22% of the vote goes to:

Funny Man Dan

Disciples In Spirit Practicing Patience, Eagerly Awaiting Rapture! I wish they would just DISAPPEAR! (@funnymandan)

Congrats cymbalta online Dan!