I feel like getting elevated!

It was a couple of years ago that I was invited to speak at Elevate Conference in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

It’s one of those events that I feel like we are all on the same page. I think Canada and Australia are very similar in the needs and challenges that the Church faces so it was such a privilege to speak there!

I am back again, this time with my wife Beci and it’s gonna be great!

So even if you are in the US, or somewhere close, get yourself there and we can hang out.

MEETUP: If you are reading this and coming to the event, comment below with your name and I will buy you a coffee at a meetup sometime during the conference! Do it!

Elevate Conference 2015 | Wakerley Greeting from next gen on Vimeo.


Another reason to visit Worshiphousekids

I have been working behind the scenes for a while to partner with WorshipHouseKids and get some Hillsong Kids Content up there. Over the last couple of years this resource has become a real goto site to grab videos, songs, and inspiration from quickly. They really understand the digital realm and give you video files that just work!

Our first bundle has been uploaded and you may find it very helpful:

  • Birthday Song – It’s the Happy Happy Birthday song for preschoolers and toddlers. Birthdays are significant for your children. Celebrate with them by singing along with this video and making them feel special!
  • Countdown – A 3 minute high energy, dynamic countdown that will get your kids ready to start Church! Your kids will love learning the dance moves on screen.
  • Game Loop – The answer to creating atmosphere while your kids are playing games or having free time. At over 7 minutes it’s long enough to energise your latest and greatest new game.
  • Ministry Song – The answer to creating atmosphere in your service for praying and ministering to children. Run this beautiful guitar led worship song in the background while you pray or even sit quietly in response to our awesome God.
  • Tidy Up Song – Are you frustrated at having a messy room while you try to teach the kids at your Church about Jesus? Play this song when it’s time to transition your kids and see the difference music can make.

Check them out!

whk screenshot


1 Reason to make a video

As I have stated before on this blog, if I am light on posting it’s probably because of two things a project or a big season in Church life.

Well we have had both of them. Hillsong Conference  (hillsongconference.com), and a brand new resource Faith, Hope and Love. So posting has been very light, but I am feeling full of things that we have tried and would love to share. But here’s a quick recap on what’s been going on.

  • Kidsong conference was just spectacular you can see the first video up at our Hillsong Kids YouTube channel (also it’s this post below).
  • We had a baby! London Brave Jessica Wakerley. My first girl!

  • We are about to release our most ambitious curriculum project to date! It’s called Faith, Hope and Love and it’s coming in August!


  • So here is the reason to make a video for your ministry. Below you will see the latest video in an almost 10 year series of songs that we call the ‘Three T’s’. It has gone by different names like the Three P’s over the years but it is now an institution in the event known as Kidsong. Out kids watch this is every main session/rally and one of their missions is to memorise it over the conference and recite it back to myself or Funny Man Dan for big points! Anyway, if you have an event like this, a VBS or similar camp then do this! Your kids will love it!



Redesigned for your edification

Having been through the process of redesigning websites before I lived with my old site for a long time with a dissatisfaction in my soul at it’s appearance.

But the right time and the right theme I made the leap and bit the bullet and got a new blog theme and took the time and made it happen.

I like it.

This forum is still a valuable place for me to put down in words what’s going on in my brain. The purpose is still an exercise in transparency. I learn best by sharing ideas and teaching others, so this blog helps me do that continually and keep accountable to ‘the internets‘. If I’m not blogging, I’m not learning (unless I am completely locked down in a project or something similar).

And the Networking is invaluable, connecting with like-minded people is not just about the phone any more. If you need a mentor, get a mentoree. Help someone, send them a gift… My goal is to help and encourage as much as possible, not sit back and wait for things to happen.

More to come!

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Kidsong Conference Highlights

‘Creative title’ I know for my first foray back into blogging for a while.

But this is indeed about the wonderful event we just experienced at Hillsong Conference!

Kidsong 2013 was such a great, amazing time for everyone involved.

I have written a post on Hillsong Collected to highlight some of the things that happened and there is a part two coming this week.

So read http://hillsongcollected.com/leadership/inside-kidsong-pt-1

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Here’s what happened.

So here’s what happened. – Christmas at our Church.

Here’s what didn’t happen – posting at this blog.

But I haven’t been entirely silent – I have written a couple of posts for Hillsong Collected which highlight the behind the scenes of our Kidsong Conference.

Kidsong Inside and Out Part 1

Kidsong Inside and Out Part 2

If you have a big event coming up for Kids soon, check it out it might just spark something off in your brain area!

There are some cool things happening online right now:

  • cmconnect.org has had a facelift and it looks fresh!
  • I kicked off a little community on Google+ for kidmin people, not sure what it will turn into but I just really like Google+
  • Have a look at our Churches strategy for Summer Camps, it’s awesome and very cohesive. Instead of multiple pages its just one with all the info!




She’s why we don’t do puppets.

Natalie Miller is the reason Hillsong Kids doesn’t really do puppets.

Alongside Kermit the frog Natalie is one of the big reasons we don’t even try to use puppets in our programs. They do make an appearance occasionally in our Big Curriculums (Curricula?), but even then it’s very limited and often average…

You see, after getting her to perform in Hillsong Kids years ago I have seen how puppets should be done. Kermit the frog and his friends also feature heavily among the reasons we don’t use the furry critters, they have set the bar to high.

Now I’m not saying we won’t ever use puppets, its just that I don’t think we are good enough at it.

One key principle for any ministry or Church is to stay laser focussed on what you are good at.


From Natalie’s website:

For the 2013 Aussie winter, we will be fleeing the cold and heading over to the beautiful summer in the USA for a few months!

Here’s the deal, I know that USAmerican type people read this blog and some of you should get Natalie to come and get all your children saved. She really is the best that Australia has to offer, so don’t disappoint us, we have very little else to send.




VeggieTables and Hillsong

It really irks me when people start blog posts talking about the lack of posts, that being said… 🙂

After a massive hiatus in blogging I have returned to the fold, to the promised text input box, to my corner of the world-wide interwebs.

I decided that after the unrest that I was causing in international geo-political hotspots around the world (Arab spring anyone?) I should at least write some new content to calm the thronging masses.

We are nearing the annual Hillsong Conference, so our team is in full perpetual motion peparing for the inevitable teeming masses of children we will hangout with in two weeks. For 5 nights and 4 days from about 9am to 9pm with a break for dinner KIDSONG will be rocking with BOB and LARRY! Oh yeah. VeggieTales is headed down under.

Pretty excited about this, I think some of our parents are more excited about this news than some of our kids!


CMCENTRAL .COM via Compfight


It’s time to make some Crazy Noises

On April the 24th, which was a Tuesday our new Hillsong Kids DVDCrazy Noise‘ was released into the wild.

This is our FIRST ever preschool music project and I am pretty pumped about making music for little ones. In fact I am so pumped here’s my quote from the album cover:

Hillsong Children’s Pastor Dave Wakerley says “For a long time we have wanted to create an album for this age group and we are so excited about producing this album for the preschooler.’Crazy Noise’ is full of brand new songs that your little ones will enjoy singing, dancing, and praising God to.”

I blogged on the Hillsong Collected site about it here.

It says something about the value we place on children, not only to the church but to the world that we take the time and effort in invest into our little ones!

I think we need more of it, and I hope that this is just the beginning of creating music to create memories in our babies that they remember for the rest of their lives.

Here’s one of the music videos with my beautiful wife Beci!

I even got Hillsong United to mention to 3 million people on Facebook!

Our Facebook page has a competition where you can record some Crazy Noises for prizes.

So check out how you can get a hold of it at: hillsongmusic.com/kids or pop down to your local Christian Music store!


Nuts & Bolts Intro

Tomorrow I start a series called Nuts and Bolts, a bunch of concise single thoughts on a long list of topics and issues related to working with kids in a mainly alphabetical order.

That sounds way more boring than it should, so I will make sure to throw in the occasional image of a ninja eating bacon… (just googled that… surprisingly not a lot of images… seems like an opportunity for someone in the internets).

Part one tomorrow: DECOR

(please control your excitement).

[75/365] Sushi
Photo Credit: Pascal via Compfight