The 2014 Top Kidmin Blog Post

As I get older (and grumpier), I find my the voices that I am listening to (not the ones in my head)… whether about leadership or the Bible, ministry or culture shrink a little. I am still on the hunt for fresh insight and perspective for sure, but especially last year I noticed the kidmin blogging world stayed pretty steady with the tried and true writers.

So this is not a top ten list but I just wanted to highlight a post that I think was the most helpful, insightful and reflected a blogger who has a lot to offer our little community of ministry leaders!

But before we get there here are three runners up:

Does the church still matter? from Sam Luce

Doing what only I can do from Kenny Conley

Rebranding our Kidmin also from Kenny Conley

It feels like Dale Hudson has a team of excellent researchers and writers working on his blog with the amount of engaging content and spot-on culturally relevant posts he writes. I read this post and it really helped confirm a focus that we have at our Church, but also cause me to want to double down on our efforts to see kids leading  in every area of our ministry. It’s not a deep theological discussion, it’s not even a new idea, it’s simply one of the most important things we can be doing as ministers.

The 2014 top kidmin blog post of the year is…



What Christianity Today had to say about your salary

The Gleanings blog from Christianity Today is a insightful blog and if you are hankering for a recap of the latest controversy in the Church world, it delivers. It’s no TMZ, but I guess nothing brings in readers like a little intrigue.

But check out this quote from the article How 727 Megachurches Spend Their Money

In research director Warren Bird’s Q&A with William Vanderbloemen at the conclusion of the study, the hiring expert suggests that churches should consider children’s ministry as a key strategy for growing their congregation. Vanderbloemen said:

The most strategic churches we work with are realizing that a premier children’s pastor/leader can become one of, if not the largest growth engines for the church. And such churches are paying accordingly. We are seeing an increasing trend of churches who pay the top person over children’s ministry more and more. In some cases, the children’s pastor is one of the top paid people on staff, higher than the student pastor, worship pastor or small groups pastor.

Now any study that suggests that salary solution needs a closer look for sure! 🙂

There is a lot more helpful information to be found in the report, check it out!

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Here’s what happened.

So here’s what happened. – Christmas at our Church.

Here’s what didn’t happen – posting at this blog.

But I haven’t been entirely silent – I have written a couple of posts for Hillsong Collected which highlight the behind the scenes of our Kidsong Conference.

Kidsong Inside and Out Part 1

Kidsong Inside and Out Part 2

If you have a big event coming up for Kids soon, check it out it might just spark something off in your brain area!

There are some cool things happening online right now:

  • cmconnect.org has had a facelift and it looks fresh!
  • I kicked off a little community on Google+ for kidmin people, not sure what it will turn into but I just really like Google+
  • Have a look at our Churches strategy for Summer Camps, it’s awesome and very cohesive. Instead of multiple pages its just one with all the info!




Passin’ me by

A lot of noise has been made (in our little but colourful corner of the the internets) about the 2011 Ministry To Children Blog Madness competition.

I was up in one of the divisions in the first round (there are four) but owing to our Colour Women’s conference and all that was happening it just passed me by without much comment on my part.

Unlike the 2010 comp. where the prize was just winning, this year Tony Kummer put up an iPad as a first prize!

I couldn’t let the whole thing happen without saying how awesome that was, so kudos to Tony!

The four final blogs are all worthy of winning and I love reading all of them.

Sam Luce

Small Town Kidmin (Jared Massey)

Justyn Smith

Leader 2 Leader (Jim Wideman)

There is more diversity each year in our world of kidmin blogging and I am so happy to see that!


Collected Blog: Outsource

At our official Hillsong Blog ‘Collected’ I just had a post of mine go up. It’s a quite a strong piece about not outsourcing only what we can do as parents. And also a call to take Church seriously. I would love you to visit, have a read and at the least click the like button at the bottom. But at the most write a comment/response. It would be GREAT to get conversation going about this topic on Collected…. it would say so much to have the topic that is often a discussion on kids pastors blogs get some major recognition on our wider Church blog! Thanks in advance.

Here is the post:

I have outsourced my child’s swimming development.

You see, I’m just not an expert on the subject. I haven’t studied swim theory and I am completely unfamiliar with what it takes to learn how to become a swimmer even to the most basic of levels… which I would assume is ‘not drowning’. Click to read on!

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C is for Culture

I have given myself a challenge for the next 26 days – post the complete A-Z of Ministry to Children.

C… Christ, cooking, craft, cookies, camping…

C is for Culture – Whether we want to accept it, ignore it, or use it–the reality is that our kids are growing up under the influence of a media-saturated culture.

If we refuse to engage young people in biblical discussions about what they’re watching and hearing, we make it easy for them to compartmentalize their faith and put it aside when they move beyond the church walls.

Through discussions that reveal either the gospel’s presence or absence in popular culture, we help young people develop a biblical filter that shines the light of Jesus’ truth on media messages, encourages them to live authentically at school and church, and engages the Holy Spirit’s discernment in their lives.

Knowledge of kids’ culture also enhances our efforts as missionaries within that culture.

I like to USE culture, when you use something you have power over it, you take away fear. I certainly don’t want my kids to be afraid of any forms of media. Book burnings should be left in the past lest they turn into iPad burnings!

Now in an effort to drum up comments… Harry Potter – discuss 🙂

(please don’t)

P.S. Hillsong Church now has an official Blog! VIsit Hillsong Collected and read my first post at the site – The Dispenser of Enthusiasm.


What’s up

So here are a few blog posts I have loved recently.

The UP Plan – From Rob Bradbury: “As family pastor I want to see all of our kids grow UP into strong Christians who love God with the lot.”

Read These Seven Books, and You’ll be a Better Writer – From Don Miller: In the last few weeks Don’s blog has become one of my favourites.

2010 Kids Ministry diovan generic equivalent Blog Madness (Final Round) – I was out in the second round, but make sure you vote in the last round!

Preaching with the help of a mind map – From Ryan Frank: It reiterated an idea I read about a few years ago, using mind maps, which I have found invaluable.



Blog Madness

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Over at Ministry-To-Children.com there is a great comp going on.

2010 Kids Ministry Blog Madness

Vote for Your Favorite Kidmin Blogger

Here’s How It Works – Listed on the site are the top 64 children’s ministry blogs arranged in a four division bracket-style tournament. (I guess in the U.S. sports are divided into four main divisions, which is cool… so my blog is in the West Division).

Sunday 21 March 2010 is when round #1 will close and the top picks in each division will advance.

So I have to call in some favours… especially for those volunteers and pastors at Hillsong Church you need to jump on over there and click the vote button in the appropriate spot. 🙂

Click here for the comp.


Big Video Blog

On our Hillsong Kids Big website we added a news item with a fun Video blog, but to save you the chance of a repetitive strain injury I have embedded it here.

Aren’t I thoughtful…

Visit the Follow You Curriculum page here and check out all the bonus material we’ve just uploaded for you!

As always we value your feedback and questions, so please feel free to contact the BIG team anytime.

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