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I’m a GURU!

According to Frank Bealer the Family Ministry Pastor at Elevation Church in North Charlotte, West Carolina, OH 90210… (or somewhere like that) I am a GURU!

On his excellent new blog he has written a number of posts with a video interview with a bunch of pastors around the world. It was a privelidge to be a part of these hangouts, and I encourage you to check them out!

A Conversation With Some Family Ministry Gurus

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

We are joined by:

  • LifeChurch.tv (Allyson Evans)
  • Hillsong Australia (David Wakerley & Nathan Mclean)
  • Elevation Church (Frank Bealer)
  • Kids R Us (Andy Kirk)
  • NewSpring Church (Cherie Duffey)

Shameless they said!

Yeah, one of my hats as a kids pastor is overseeing the creative output of our Hillsong Kids.

The great thing about that is it helps our own ministry and Church campuses grow and lead kids. But also I get to release resources into the ‘wild’ as it were. We are in that season right now with a brand New Big Curriculum ready at the gate for its time in the spotlight. But it’s also hard to talk about without sounding like a shameless plug… but I can say what I like on my own blog right?

Here’s what we know so far -

  • It’s a 9 week curriculum
  • It includes elementary/primary and preschool/toddlers (first time)
  • It’s all about Faith, Hope and Love
  • It will be physical (DVD) and digital (download)
  • Large group/small group (same format as previous curric.)
  • Over 7 hours of media content! (this kinda blew my mind when we added it up!)
  • New website

Here’s what may be announced (wink, wink) -

  • Maybe there will be new worship music from Hillsong Kids?
  • Possible there will be a song to celebrate birthdays in your ministry?
  • I have heard that there may even be animated characters?

But seriously I am very happy with this new series and know that you will love it!


1 Reason to make a video

As I have stated before on this blog, if I am light on posting it’s probably because of two things a project or a big season in Church life.

Well we have had both of them. Hillsong Conference  (hillsongconference.com), and a brand new resource Faith, Hope and Love. So posting has been very light, but I am feeling full of things that we have tried and would love to share. But here’s a quick recap on what’s been going on.

  • Kidsong conference was just spectacular you can see the first video up at our Hillsong Kids YouTube channel (also it’s this post below).
  • We had a baby! London Brave Jessica Wakerley. My first girl!

  • We are about to release our most ambitious curriculum project to date! It’s called Faith, Hope and Love and it’s coming in August!


  • So here is the reason to make a video for your ministry. Below you will see the latest video in an almost 10 year series of songs that we call the ‘Three T’s’. It has gone by different names like the Three P’s over the years but it is now an institution in the event known as Kidsong. Out kids watch this is every main session/rally and one of their missions is to memorise it over the conference and recite it back to myself or Funny Man Dan for big points! Anyway, if you have an event like this, a VBS or similar camp then do this! Your kids will love it!



Weekend Linkfest

Here are the best links of the week about #kidmin or #otherstuff


  • So there is very cool things happening online for #kidmin. Brother Michael Chanley is really stepping it up over at CMconnect.org. There is something going on and I think it will be really vital for everyone involved in family ministry or kids ministry. If you have never connected with the worlds leading social network for those who serve children in the Church, you really should!


  • Also, I was ranting at a good friend of mine with a stack of ministry experience recently, and I succeeded at berating her into starting a blog. Tammy Tolman has started a great blog at tammytolman.blogspot.com.au, she is trying fascinating models of ministry to reach her community especially in the area of working with families. Check out her books and resources! She has books, including collide, which I should really do a review/recap of!!


  • Mike Johnson is a good man, and responded to my last post about his failure. Check it out on his blog!
  • We put up our lastest Big Word (Memory Verse song) for Hillsong Kids at the YouTube Channel – It’s a good one :)


Mike Johnson failed me

So here’s the thing. I love scouring the worlds internets to find music that is created specifically for Christian Kids, especially for use in Praise and Worship during weekend services. You can read all of the musical mention posts I have written in the past few months on the blog.

At Hillsong Kids we have used Elevate Curriculum and I have met Mike Johnson the creator at a CPC conference in San Diego in the past and he an almost embarrassingly generous man. But how did the knowledge of this series of albums pass-by me?

Radio E is the music from the Elevate curriculum series released in a series of collections. Some of the songs are specific to their curriculum, but there is a ton of praise music scattered all over the resource!

But somehow, the obvious extreme marketing efforts have somehow missed me? Here is the description from their website:

Tell the kids in your ministry how they can listen to Elevate music all week long! They can download the same music they hear at church from their favorite online music store! Radio E Music can be found on iTunesGoogle PlayAmazon MP3Spotify and much more. Preschool, Elementary, and generic music graphics available.

You can kinda check out the videos here: www.elevateathome.com/shop/music/ but it doesn’t appear to let you download videos?

So I am going to have to leverage the impressive reach and influence of my very influential blog* to make sure you have all heard about this incredible collection. And also put the pressure on Mike and his team to release lyric videos/backing versions of the praise and worship songs!

My theory is they should put together a collection of the praise and worship songs and create a resource we can use this weekend… (not literally, but soon would be great).

Yours Sincerely,

David Wakerley

P.S. I’m a big fan Mike… and of the producer of this music!


*Not really


Weekend Linkfest

The first of the best links of the week about #kidmin or #otherstuff

This week has been the first Colour Conference here in Sydney and it’s all I have been doing, thusly the links will reflect this reality.

Is Nintendo doomed? I am a gaming fan, especially Nintendo and the Wii U hasn’t been doing well, (although me and my boys love it), but this article makes me a little happier

A Hillsong Collected blog post about Rehearsing for Colour.

And here is the sweet promo for next year!

And here’s a great recap photo album from facebook!


This kids magazine is awesome

Good friend Simon Parry has created a great magazine for kids that just looks awesome! (And it’s not just because my wife is on the front cover) In fact you should check out the site at Allstars Records there is a lot going on there and it is a fantastic resource for those involved in kidmin especially in the UK.

magThe Allstars Kids magazine is a monthly Christian magazine for kids that love Jesus! Each issue will be packed with interviews, games, features, cartoons, music downloads, videos, Bible stuff, competitions and loads more!
Our aim is to encourage children all over the word with the good news of Jesus, to see them worship Him and to serve God with all their heart. You can also subscribe for a year so you never miss an issue!



The worst word in kidmin

I present to you, fair reader, the worst word in kidmin:


Doesn’t that just scream fun! Tell me more! I’m in! Yay!

It’s that thing that you hand out to the kids to reinforce the theme/topic you are discovering. It’s that thing the kids do during their small group time, it’s that thing that I just can’t stop calling a ‘worksheet’.

It causes me pain, but I haven’t found a suitable replacement.

What do you call them?


Weekend Linkfest

The first of the best links of the week about #kidmin or #otherstuff

(It is Monday here in Sydney, but still the weekend elsewhere in the world) :)

10 Jobs That No Longer Exist - I remember milk delivery!

Hillsong United released a new album! It’s great! Seriously great! hillsong.com Store

ARRRGHHH This is what I have been looking for! Dartstrip. Perfect for kidmin!


Lots of people ask and now they are up! All of our backing videos for Hillsong Kids albums are up online at hillsong.com/store



This is what makes me cry…

This is one short video but a very powerful one!

Whether it’s Finding Nemo, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Lion King, father and son movies get me right in the heart area. A powerful reminder of the emotions many of the kids that come into our Churches will be feeling,  if they are experiencing the pain of separation or divorce.

Men in ministry, use your voice to encourage and build up boys this weekend. They may remember it for the rest of their lives.