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Hey faithful reader of this blog. Yes I’m talking to you.

One of the reasons this blog has been light on content (and by light on content I mean no content), is because of a little project out Hillsong Kids team has been working on.

All the details are found at this post on our curriculum site, so click through and check that out. But there is a little preview of the details in this YouTube video.

iPromise FREE Curriculum

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4 Kids Ministry Veterans

This year at Kidshaper conference, I teamed up with Funny Man Dan, Squirt the Clown and Dylan Hesp to create ‘4 Kids Ministry Veterans’, a sketch heavily influenced by Monty Python.

It involved all of us learning a script for a live performance! Which may seem simple, but this was the first time we had stuck to such a precise format. :)

But it was a great exercise and I think a blessing to the kids pastors at this great conference!

4 Kids Ministry Veretans


Kidsong Big Messages

At Kidsong 2013 this year we have a number of ‘Big Message’ Videos that cover the topics we are investigating for the week.

They follow a similar style to our Big Curriculum resources, but on a smaller budget (as in $0, although I bought a bunch of whiteboard markers and some McDonalds at one point).

Firstly our Primary/Elementary ages:

The format is:

  • Intro segment (short and the same for every video)
  • ‘Draw my life’ style (main story/fun overview)
  • Wrap up (summarise the main point of the episode)

This is not meant to be a full exposition on scripture but fulfils three main goals:

  1. Gives the kids a shared media experience (unity)
  2. Sets up the speaker/preacher
  3. Hopefully gets a laugh (when you’re laughing you’re learning)

Secondly our Jr/preschool-ish ages:

The format is very simple and the language/style is perhaps modelled on the ‘tone’ of Playschool (preschool TV show in Australia).

Similar goals, but not as much humour. If you want to get a laugh with this age group you need slapstick!

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Kidsong Conference Highlights

‘Creative title’ I know for my first foray back into blogging for a while.

But this is indeed about the wonderful event we just experienced at Hillsong Conference!

Kidsong 2013 was such a great, amazing time for everyone involved.

I have written a post on Hillsong Collected to highlight some of the things that happened and there is a part two coming this week.

So read http://hillsongcollected.com/leadership/inside-kidsong-pt-1


Hillsong Kids Goat Edition!

A little fun for a Sunday Evening, we made a quick Goat edition of one of our Hillsong Kids songs – Get up and dance.

To fully understand the meme, then check out yelling goat

There were a bunch of videos getting uploaded online featuring goats singing along with songs, so because I kinda think we missed the Harlem Shake boat I thought we could get in a quick yelling goat song!


Conversations in Kids Ministry

At this years Kidshaper conference myself and my partner in crime Funny Man Dan created a special moment to parody the conversations that might happen in the life of ministers to children.

It was a blast creating this moment with Dan and took a little time to rehearse, but it was totally worth it to bring something special to every single person serving the kids of their Church!

Thanks to Andy Kirk at Kids R Us who put this up on their YouTube account you can enjoy the fruits of our labour! I hope it blesses you, I think you will be surprised at the end :)




This is What the Tee Shirt Means – Inspiration

So a little while ago I thought it would be great to create a video to inspire our Hillsong Kids Volunteer team.

As I was trying to write down in a poetic manner befitting a short inspirational piece to help our own team I remembered something that Roger Fields had written named “The Calling“. So I totally ripped it off borrowed some of the profound and brilliant lines to create a version for our leaders.

Roger, thanks for your leadership and inspiration!

In conjunction with @nerdfeliz and @ivegottagroove we conceived and filmed it during our weekend services in our City Campus (Love the accents! How many can you spot? Comment below)

Here it is!


It’s orange.
It’s bright.
And this is what it means.

Pastor Brian and Bobbie have entrusted the children of our Church community to me.
It means that I have a mission, I have a vision.
It means I have a Holy calling, an influence that is eternal.
I don’t take it lightly, it’s too vital to be ignored.

A Church without children disappears in a generation.
So I take hold of that which God so I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.
This means I have put my hand up to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.
It means that I have committed myself to see a generation grow the the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ
It means that I am part of a team that the families or our Church put their trust in.
They trust us to reinforce and underpin the message of the Gospel of Christ to their kids.

I make Church a safe place
I make Church meaningful
I make Church fun
Because if our kids aren’t having fun they aren’t learning

I create they space for every child to experience God and participate in His kingdom
My goal is to give away this opportunity to serve and see kids doing the work of the ministry
There is no ‘kids Church’ there is only Church
We are not a school, a club or an institution
We are the family of God
We are one body under Christ and my part is too significant to be trivialized

I refuse to be discouraged or distracted
I don’t give in to small thinking and ordinary ideas
I will not give up, give in or get tired.
I am not looking for prominence but significance.
Let the Church get the blessing and God get the glory.
And maybe every now and then, I might get a few of these:


I am a minister. I minister to the largest mission field in the world. I minister to children.
And that’s what the tee shirt means.