It’s the Big three, Armour, Fruit and Gifts!

One of the classic lessons Churches always love to teach to their kids! The Armour of God, The Fruits of the Spirit and the Gifts of the Spirit.

And finally we took the plunge and devoted 9 weeks to these most important themes. They are just so visual for kids and make such a great practical lesson.


Hillsong Kids Big: Life with Jesus covers three of the most memorable spiritual lessons found in the Bible. The Armour of God, Fruit of the Spirit and Spiritual Gifts. These tangible teachings are perfectly presented so that every child will discover just what living a Life With Jesus is like.

Plus let’s drop a little bonus in here!

A big Word Memory verse song

The Armour of God Theme song with the band Dark Crush 🙂



I Say Quite a Lot in This Video

So back last year I filmed an interview with the esteemable Luke Harris all about Curriculum and Kids Ministry. Just watched is back recently. I said some good things, you should check it out!

Creative Curriculum Writing (With David Wakerley)

P.S. There is actually a bunch of great resources on this channel that you should watch from some great people in ministry, like Frank Bealer from Elevation Church, Craig Johnson from Lakewood Church and a bunch of Aussies like Andy Kirk, Tammy Tolman and Sean W Smith.

INC Pastoral Resources


Unlikely Heroes – Plus Two More!

Right, so we take a long time to release resources at Hillsong Kids… it usually takes almost a year to finish a 9 week curriculum project. So I am surprised as anyone to see us release THREE at the same time. It’s new release Wednesday!

It’s unheard of, and you should check them all out, especially if you speak Spanish or know someone who does! Because we made a Spanish version of our Crazy Noise Album… that’s right a Spanish album, our first ever!


Let’s count this down, firstly a new BiG Curriculum UNLIKELY HEROES

UH Thumb

Then we have another Curriculum called Listen Up! (It’s a conference edition digital only product)


And maybe most exciting, because it’s a first, Ruido Alegre!

Por primera vez, Hillsong Kids presenta un álbum en español especialmente para niños de edad preescolar y de edad escolar temprana. ¡Ruido Alegre! es un álbum lleno de canciones nuevas geniales para que los más pequeños puedan cantar y adorar a Dios.
El pastor de niños de la Iglesia Hillsong David Wakerley, dice: “Hace mucho tiempo hemos querido crear un álbum para niños de esta edad y estamos muy emocionados con esta producción. ¡Ruido Alegre! está lleno de canciones con las que los más pequeños disfrutarán cantando, bailando y alabando a Dios”.


Much more to share, but wanted to announce before doing anything else!

Comment below, especially if you speak Spanish, would love to hear from you…



Shameless they said!

Yeah, one of my hats as a kids pastor is overseeing the creative output of our Hillsong Kids.

The great thing about that is it helps our own ministry and Church campuses grow and lead kids. But also I get to release resources into the ‘wild’ as it were. We are in that season right now with a brand New Big Curriculum ready at the gate for its time in the spotlight. But it’s also hard to talk about without sounding like a shameless plug… but I can say what I like on my own blog right?

Here’s what we know so far –

  • It’s a 9 week curriculum
  • It includes elementary/primary and preschool/toddlers (first time)
  • It’s all about Faith, Hope and Love
  • It will be physical (DVD) and digital (download)
  • Large group/small group (same format as previous curric.)
  • Over 7 hours of media content! (this kinda blew my mind when we added it up!)
  • New website

Here’s what may be announced (wink, wink) –

  • Maybe there will be new worship music from Hillsong Kids?
  • Possible there will be a song to celebrate birthdays in your ministry?
  • I have heard that there may even be animated characters?

But seriously I am very happy with this new series and know that you will love it!


1 Reason to make a video

As I have stated before on this blog, if I am light on posting it’s probably because of two things a project or a big season in Church life.

Well we have had both of them. Hillsong Conference  (hillsongconference.com), and a brand new resource Faith, Hope and Love. So posting has been very light, but I am feeling full of things that we have tried and would love to share. But here’s a quick recap on what’s been going on.

  • Kidsong conference was just spectacular you can see the first video up at our Hillsong Kids YouTube channel (also it’s this post below).
  • We had a baby! London Brave Jessica Wakerley. My first girl!

  • We are about to release our most ambitious curriculum project to date! It’s called Faith, Hope and Love and it’s coming in August!


  • So here is the reason to make a video for your ministry. Below you will see the latest video in an almost 10 year series of songs that we call the ‘Three T’s’. It has gone by different names like the Three P’s over the years but it is now an institution in the event known as Kidsong. Out kids watch this is every main session/rally and one of their missions is to memorise it over the conference and recite it back to myself or Funny Man Dan for big points! Anyway, if you have an event like this, a VBS or similar camp then do this! Your kids will love it!



It’s FREE!

Hey faithful reader of this blog. Yes I’m talking to you.

One of the reasons this blog has been light on content (and by light on content I mean no content), is because of a little project out Hillsong Kids team has been working on.

All the details are found at this post on our curriculum site, so click through and check that out. But there is a little preview of the details in this YouTube video.

iPromise FREE Curriculum


New Year/Little Content

My mind is very focussed right now. In fact it can only really fit a couple of things in it and I have reached capacity.

There are two main projects which are at their almost final end.

1. Our fourth Hillsong Kids Big curriculum – I am excited about this and we have a final video shoot next week, but I really want it to be done. (It also differs slightly from our first three so stay tuned for details!)

2. The DVD of Crazy Noise. Our first ever preschool album CD was released in Aus. last November and will be launching worldwide early this year with a DVD as well… so it’s kinda all happening right now, and because its a studio alum not a live one there is a lot more content that needs filming and a bunch of creative ideas that need to be idea-ed-afied.

So this blog takes a back seat, but I look forward to writing some posts about the creative, songwriting and filming processes that will hopefully be helpful!

Talk soon!

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Gold Tights, Backing Tracks & Pepsi Max

It’s time for a random yet related fact.

So think about how many individual images go to make up a Pixar movie… the average frame (a movie has 24 frames per second) takes about seven hours to render, although some can take nearly 39 hours of computing time. (Source: Wired Mag)

P.S. Rendering definition here.

Finish of random but related fact.

We are creating our latest Hillsong Kids Big curriculum of which the media we produce is a very important part…

Why… In our culture because of the proliferation of media it is used to segregate and divide (you are defined by the music you like and the TV you watch – Hip Hop, Emo, Country, Pop, Beiber have their ‘tribes’). Having all your kids watch the same media at church is a small step in the effort to unite and build community.

So that’s why I’m wearing gold tights, drinking Pepsi Max and spending untold hours filming a ‘Christmas Story’.

It’s worth it.

For approx 35 minutes of video:

  • Pre production: (Writing scripts/Recording songs): about 100 Hours
  • Filming: 31 Hours
Total of 131 Hours so far without the editing even started breaks down to 3.75 hours per minute of footage of personal work for myself…
It’s worth it.

While It’s Hot

Tis is the season to be jolly!

Our team here at hillsongmusic.com are have a super dooper special on our first two BiG Curriculums. Usually $230 each, get ’em both for $250! That’s almost two for the price of one…

This is all leading to the launch of Big 3 – Supernatural very soon!


Merry Christmas from Hillsong Kids!! Valid for a limited time only, Purchase ‘Follow You’ and receive ‘Tell The World’ for only $20! Available only until December 10th, that’s 26 weeks of curriculum for only $249.99! CLICK HERE TO GET IT FOR YOUR CHURCH!


Supernatural BIG Curriculum

Our first BIG curriculum was ‘Tell The World’, very evangelistic and foundational. Our second was ‘Follow You’, all about discipleship and ‘now you know Jesus’ – what do you do?

Well we are working on our 3rd curriculum right now called ‘Supernatural‘. This one is all about a lifestyle of worship.

It works right alongside our Supernatural album.

So we spent last week filming. And by last week I mean ALL of last week. From morning to night we filmed like maniacs to get it all done.

Its a great way to work, get it all done in one go… but the pressure was on and we felt it. I got grumpy a few times, but in the end we accomplished all we wanted to. Here are a few photos!

evista online buy style=”text-align: center;”>

The Set

Just another day with Dan

The girls of BIG HQ

What are we looking at?

There is no release date for BIG Supernatural yet. But as soon as I can give a date I will make sure to post it on this blog.