Taste Test

My passions are pretty obvious… especially when it comes to food, and the incomparable Eva Stringleman provided a rather inventive Christmas present this year for yours truly!

Knowing my love of Chocolate in it’s many forms both milk and dark AND my devotion to Pepsi Max she devised the ultimate taste test for me. Can I tell the difference between 5 different forms of chocolate and can I taste the difference between Pepsi Max and Coke Zero?

Most people overestimate the ability of their taste buds to differentiate between subtle differences in food and drink. Professional food taster is actually a job, and usually requires a degree in food science. So I was not going to believe this would a simple task.

First of all I melted the five chocs into an ice cube tray because I would have been able to tell the difference in the shape of the squares – eg. Lindt has a very thin flat piece. Then put them into the fridge to harden again (now i’m not sure that affects the consistency of the chocolate but I think it worked ok!)

While I sat blindfolded Beci handed me small pieces of the chocolate to try and I tried to figure which brand they were.

So the result!

I was able to pick each of the different chocolates and got a 2/3 for Pepsi vs. Coke!

But it wasn’t as clear cut as I expected, quite a challenge to pick exactly what I was eating…

Anyway, I award this blog post ‘Random Post of the Year’, and would like to thank my sponsor Eva Stringleman for her brilliant idea!

Taste Test

For those of you interested the 5 Chocolates were:

NOTE: I have a soft spot for Whitakers Chocolate a New Zealand family business dating back to 1896!



I’m No Handyman But…

I have never claimed to be a handyman/D.I.Y’er of any description. But I present to you my Saturday morning efforts which have convinced me that I could probably get my own reality show called ‘Home Improvements with Dave’.

I would go into people’s homes and put up a floating shelf… of course the formula may run dry reasonably quickly especially if you didn’t want a floating shelf.

I used diflucan online prescription the below tools to put up a floating shelf.

And here she is in all her glory.

It’s the little victories in life that you need to celebrate!

(Yes it is straight).



As my friend Giusepe rightly noted, I wrote this in my last post:

You all (and so many others) made our adventure forgettable! Thanks so much!

I creatine price really did mean UNforgettable!

He he.


Cool Links

A few Monday surfing/blog/tidbits:

Forever Strong – An american movie about Rugby? Strange but true… I have a suspicion that Lord of the Rings has something to do with this. Sean Austin is in both movies and would have seen Rubgy with cialis wholesale online his time in New Zealand.

Leadership Summit 2008 – Lotsa a juicy leadership videos to wrap your head around from WIllow Creeks recent summit.

Mygazines.com – Check out magazines from all over the world in PDF.


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Five Posts of Random Brilliance

Here are a few posts that I have ‘starred’ in Google reader.

They either caught my eye, or my massive nerdy tendencies.

From various blogs all over this earth:

Creating a Healthy Volunteer Environment -Part 2
Yesterday we talked about what an unhealthy volunteer looks like. It’s not as easy as just firing all those who bring a spirit of unhealthiness to our ministries or arena’s; but I can begin to change the environment that all my volunteer exist within.
I present my Top 6 things to Never do or say to a Volunteer

The Elephant Song
If you have young children, or if you’re young at heart, this is the song for you: The Elephant Song by Eric Herman (video created by Eric’s wife Roseann with the help of their 3-year-old daughter Becca. The little girl in the song is Meghan, who was 6 at the time).

Special Needs Ministry for Autistic Children
By its very nature, children’s ministry is challenging, but special needs ministry takes the challenge to a whole new level. Any children’s pastor familiar with teaching special needs children understands the importance of developing a unique approach and relationship with each child. It takes a great deal of effort, but it is well worth it when you can effectively connect and minister to a special needs child.

Ten Questions: Introspection

  1. In what area of life have I lost my passion? (What can I do to get it back?)
  2. If the enemy were going to ‘take me out’, what are my three most vulnerable points?
  3. What new burden has God given me in the last year?
  4. What have I unlearned that has made me closer to God?
  5. What new discipline is God calling me to do?
  6. What has God asked me to do that I haven’t yet done?
  7. Is there something that I think about more than I think about pleasing God? (Money, possessions, ministry, family, recreation, something else.)
  8. Do I have an increasing joy in serving Christ?
  9. Am I handling the pain of ministry with integrity?
  10. Am I still being persecuted for my faith in Christ?

Putting Strength To Work
As always with these meetings, we learned about the child’s performance that has both good and bad. We ended up discussing about the poor results, carelessness, concerns and how to fix them. What Marcus Buckingham shares in this video resonate with us


I’m on Lock-up

It is 9:17pm on Sunday. We have just finished the final of our 8 services for the weekend.

I got up this morning for our 8am service, and 13 hours later we finished packing up from the 7pm service.

This weekend I have experienced more ‘church’ than some people would experience in two months.


I am part of the kingdom of God, building my little corner of it. Growing what God has given me the grace to lead and joining with a host of people around the world in participating in what Jesus said he would build… HIS CHURCH!

I really wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but right here.

So here I sit in my office having a breather before I head on out to lock up this awesome facility God has given us!

(Although I am glad I only lock up once every two months!) 🙂