VeggieTables and Hillsong

It really irks me when people start blog posts talking about the lack of posts, that being said… 🙂

After a massive hiatus in blogging I have returned to the fold, to the promised text input box, to my corner of the world-wide interwebs.

I decided that after the unrest that I was causing in international geo-political hotspots around the world (Arab spring anyone?) I should at least write some new content to calm the thronging masses.

We are nearing the annual Hillsong Conference, so our team is in full perpetual motion peparing for the inevitable teeming masses of children we will hangout with in two weeks. For 5 nights and 4 days from about 9am to 9pm with a break for dinner KIDSONG will be rocking with BOB and LARRY! Oh yeah. VeggieTales is headed down under.

Pretty excited about this, I think some of our parents are more excited about this news than some of our kids!


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I heart NY

Pastor Brian just blogged about the unfurling and unveiling and unwrapping and furthering…ing of our Campus in New York City.

Today, I wanted to let you know of the most recent developments. I am excited to share with you that Carl and Laura Lentz and their young family, are moving to New York City in the second diovan 5 mg half of this year, with the intention of becoming a key part of the Hillsong leadership team.

Carl was in my year at Hillsong Bible College and is one of the most passionate young men I have ever met. I am excited for the future of this campus!

Read the full post here.

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#napconf News

#napconf is the hashtag for this years Napkin Conference in Las Vegas.

Man I love it!

With a bunch of like minded people who care about kids – even more than that, the kind of of people who don’t get all freaky about going to ‘sin city‘… the truth is Jesus was all about being where the sinners were!

So the room is full of ‘My People’!

More than any other conference I have attended, I feel like this is a group of friends learning from each other.

Congrats digoxin online overnight to Pastor Justyn – the first day was sensational! Looking forward to the second day.

P.S. Nathan Mclean, Carlos and I went $1 Graveyard bowling at midnight at the Hotel and Mclean bowled 6 strikes in one game for a score of 160! A true 2am champion!

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What’s Hot?

It’s Thursday, which can mean only one thing. My friend the slightly humorous Funny Man Dan has posted his weekly thoughts on his blog. To celebrate one year of the Thursday Blog I have written a moving tribute to the man and the myth, so jump on over there and check it out.

I am putting the finishing touches on my message for the Napkin Conference in Las Vegas next week!! Now it’s a big investment for Justyn to get me all the way over there, so he has asekd me to guarantee certain things during my message; 1. a minimum of 16 chuckles and 4 big laughs. 2. At least 2 moments of clarity and revelation and 3. A minimum of 30% of the conference in tears (more than that and I will just be overdoing it).

(okay he hasn’t really).

(if you thought he had, you should get out more)

(To LAS VEGAS and the Napkin Conference!)


Speaking of conferences, we are almost at our annual Colour Conference here at Hillsong, and Rob just announced their Planet Shakers diflucan retail price target=”_blank”>kids conference coming in April.

Let me tell you about my new son! Orlando Wakerley is the MAN. He is now 6 days old and lovin’ life. One child is great, but let me tell you I am really working on a family here. And our 4 year old Brooklyn is just the most delightful boy to ever be born. When your kids are healthy and happy you honestly feel like you can take on the world! God’s grace has covered us is the only way I can describe it. ESPECIALLY when you work with so many families facing sickness and issues — never take it for granted!

And that’s what hot!


The empire strikes back

Yes, my rather slow moving plan to populate the world with people genetically related to me has taken another giant step forward! You’ve read it on Twitter, seen him on facebook, well here he is on a blog! My new son Orlando Stephen Wakerley. Born on the 12th February at 2.09pm EST.

This is adding to my first child the oft-mentioned Brooklyn Justice Wakerley.

I am truly blessed in more ways than this short and humorous blog post can convey. A trouble free birth and a healthy progeny!

Why the name? Well calling a boy Betty would have just been silly.

Orlando… we like the sound of it, and it’s nice to keep naming our children with places found in various states littered around the USA.

Stephen… my fathers name. A man crazy enough to follow a dream and see miracles happen as a result.

Wakerley… kinda had to use that one (btw if you’re ever in England, you simply must visit my wood… diflucan purchase target=”_blank”>Wakerley Wood).

Gifts may be dropped off at our estate located somewhere within that ancient forest, just follow the hounds and the sound of tea being brewed.


Martial Arts is for girls! :)

Ten-year-old twin girls in Vienna, Va., were awakened after midnight by an intruder. It was a masked man who broke into their family home and went straight to their bedroom, police say. He grabbed one of the girls and tried to gag her, which woke up her sister. The two girls, who have been taking martial arts lessons for self defense, “responded the way they were instructed to,” said a police spokesman: they beat on him.

The ruckus awoke their parents, and their father quickly arrived and beat the man with a table lamp, but he escaped. Their mother recognized the man’s voice: it was the girls’ Tae Kwan Do instructor, she said. Police went to the home of instructor Andrew M. Jacobs, 42, and arrested him after he admitted he was the burglar. Police noted he had bruises on his face. (Vienna Connection, Washington Post)

…The good news is, he’s not all that good at Tae Kwan Do. The better news is, he teaches it really well.

(Thanks to thisistrue.com)


New Blog!!!

Well it happened a little quicker than I thought… which is a good thing when you are talking about computers and the internet.

I have moved the blog away from kidinspiration.com to its own domain… childrensministryblog.com actually I couldn’t believe that the domain was still available!!!

So please add bookmarks and put the new RSS feed information in your readers etc.

Speaking of RSS… there is a site online that I use everyday that contains ALL the blogs that I read and get my information from…

Its called Bloglines and is just BRILLIANT… check it out at: http://bloglines.com

The design for the blog is on its way right now, and look out for the podcast coming soon…

Lots of stuff happening

Bless your cotton socks