Redesigned for your edification

Having been through the process of redesigning websites before I lived with my old site for a long time with a dissatisfaction in my soul at it’s appearance.

But the right time and the right theme I made the leap and bit the bullet and got a new blog theme and took the time and made it happen.

I like it.

This forum is still a valuable place for me to put down in words what’s going on in my brain. The purpose is still an exercise in transparency. I learn best by sharing ideas and teaching others, so this blog helps me do that continually and keep accountable to ‘the internets‘. If I’m not blogging, I’m not learning (unless I am completely locked down in a project or something similar).

And the Networking is invaluable, connecting with like-minded people is not just about the phone any more. If you need a mentor, get a mentoree. Help someone, send them a gift… My goal is to help and encourage as much as possible, not sit back and wait for things to happen.

More to come!


More Nu Musak



More new praise and worship music for kiddly winks.

I REALLY like the Kids on the Move team (I even bolded the REALLY if you noticed). The Senior pastor of Church on the Move Willie George practically invented children’s ministry (not even joking) and Jim Wideman it’s co-creator took it to new heights as the kids pastor for many years!

SIDE NOTE: I have had the privilege to spend some time with Jim Wideman and here’s pretty much how conversations go with him:

Me: “So we did this <insert kind of cool thing> with our kids last year, but we couldn’t seem to <insert issue>”

Jim: (clears throat) “Yeah, tried somethin’ like that back in 1984 and found that you need to <insert solution> and God will bless it, dadgummit!”

Me: “Oh… yeah… wow…”

(Problem solved).

And… back to topic: In the last little while the seeds blog has come online and been a HUGE blessing to me as I have watched kids services and events all filmed beautifully and lots or input from their myriad of awesome people like Adam Bush and Gabe George etc.

Check out their CM category on the blog.

So enter their album Greater is He!

Tracks include:

Jesus, What a Friend
I Love My Bible
Jesus Is Alive Right Now
Greater Is He
You Are My Rescue
I Obey Right Away
Jesus, I Love You
By Faith
Jesus Is the Way
Jesus on My Journey
Jesus, What a Friend (Remix)

My favourite? Jesus on My Journey.

I really like the title track Greater Is He with an awesome kids choir rocking in the background as well! But don’t take my word for it check out the iTunes link and sample some of these tunes!

Awesome job KOTM team, I’m sure that Hillsong Kids will be worshipping to some of these soon… which leads to a question… backing tracks and website with lyrics?





N is for New

I have given myself a challenge for the next 26 days – post the complete A-Z of Ministry to Children.

N… Naughty, nice, nothing, nautilus, numbers…

N is for New –  Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth (Ps 96:1). It has been said the the only constant thing in life is change, and the reality of the time we live in is that change is speeding up.

The thing that drives a lot of this rapid change comes down to the bottom line… money. It’s capitalism all the way down.

Fashion is a great way to gauge how fast society has changed. It wasn’t really until the 1900’s that fashion trends began to emerge more rapidly, so now we see trends that might have lasted for years have a cycle of a single season.

I often (well once, when shopping with my wife) wonder if a few hundred years ago a dressmaker could make the same style of dress her whole life and still be trendsetting?

We don’t have the same pressures on us in Church life, so what is driving us to change and innovate the most important institution on earth?

For me the answer is leadership.

Leaders with vision and foresight. Leaders who see the call of God as too important to ever settle and coast alone. Leaders who hate the status quo and dream of ways to move beyond it. Just like stand-up comedians who consider a show wasted unless they at least try out a few new jokes in their set, ensure you are trying new things every event and ministry opportunity.

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New Tee Shirts!

So we have just launched new ministry tees this weekend at Hillsong Church.

So to all Hillsong Kids Leaders don’t forget to bring in your old tees leaders and trade them in, along with ten bucks if you can!

discount cialis online alt=”New Tees” width=”440″ height=”330″ />

Photo courtesy of @K4Kieran from our Hills Campus!

I am really happy with the design – and the three colours are just options for our leaders to choose from. If you look in the top right of the design you can see our name tags that are printed out from our Biometric (fingerprint) ESI (Electronic Sign In) kiosks. So there is actually a spot to put the name tag now — looks smart!

Thanks to Ricky on our communications staff who hooked us up and pointed us in the right direction for suppliers!

NOTE: If you are wondering why we get our leaders to bring in old tees, its mainly because we don’t them showing up in second hand clothing stores and we hope to recycle the old ones for some purpose like tee shirt games for kids and even giving them to one of our new campuses in Europe.


It’s Official

This is probably not the most earth shattering news to most of you. But if you have an interest in the music industry etc.

(Nashville, TN) April 9, 2010 – EMI Christian Music Group has entered into an exclusive recorded music licensing and marketing agreement with Hillsong Church and Hillsong Music, one of the world’s fastest-growing evangelical ministries and a global force in Christian music. Effective immediately, EMI CMG will have the exclusive license to develop and market Hillsong music in US and Latin American territories diovan without prescriptions (including Canadian digital and mainstream retail stores) in the areas of Recorded Music and Video, Live Events and Leadership/Church Resources.

Yep, we have new friends in EMI CMG.

EMI CMG Label Group and its Sparrow Records label will be marketing and developing Hillsong Music annual releases, including the best-selling Hillsong LIVE, Hillsong UNITED and Hillsong Kids recordings, as well as other music and video products from the Hillsong Music team.  In addition to new product, EMI CMG will be re-introducing all key Hillsong catalog titles into Christian, general market and digital retail outlets.

What does this mean for you, oh inspiring reader of blogs? Nothing much at all but with every new partnership comes new opportunities and it is a new day, so I am looking forward to working with the dudes and dudettes at EMI to create resources that grow our own Church, but also Churches around the world.

I don’t talk about it too much, but when I was probably 14/15 and learning Hillsong songs to play for my children’s ministry praise and worship in my Church in Christchurch New Zealand I never dreamed I would end up here a part of the team that creates that music!

Which leads me to our project(s) this year – which I can say nothing about lest I get in trouble for spreading rumours and innuendo 🙂 But suffice to say, it’s new, fresh and some stuff we have never done before!

That is all.


Baby Brother on the Way

Brooklyn will have a younger brother coming soon in Feb 09. Yay!

crestor generic size-full wp-image-903″ title=”New Baby Sonogram” src=”http://www.davidwakerley.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/baby2.jpg” alt=”New Baby Sonogram” width=”390″ height=”520″ />


Blog’s Aplenty

So it’s time to introduce you to three new blogs.

I am a little apprehensive about two of them, but am confident about the third for reasons I shall now disclose.

The Good Life by Nathan McLean. Now Nathan is another children’s pastor here at Hillsong who has many good intentions about blogging but has issues following through. Although he has no problems following through in other areas.

He has just had his first baby and loving being a father. Hopefully this little pump will encourage him to put down thoughts on his blog. (of course I may just need to email him is login details for the 7th time) :)

claritin prices target=”_blank”>Vogelpedia by Mike Vogel. Mike is a U.S. Maryland native who made his way over here to our Bible College three years ago and has since become an invaluable leader in our ministry. He runs the Voltage ministry (pre-teen) in our City Campus and is just the epitome of a great follower, which makes him a brilliant leader! I am hopeful about his blog, mainly because he is almost as competitive as Nathan and will make sure he wipes the floor in the regularity and quality of blog posts after this announcement (won’t you Mike) :)

Kathryn Joy by Kathryn Macdowall. I have a little more confidence in recommending this blog as Kathryn has probably tripled my boys blogging in just a few weeks. She is our Hills Campus administrator and curriculum writing guru, and very single… (see I am trying Kathryn — just putting it out there).

So here are three new blogs for your reading pleasure and hopefully just enough impetus to enable some brilliant thoughts to emerge from within their capable minds!


New Host

Not that you would notice anything different, but I finally moved my website host over the weekend.

My blog had been unavailable for the last few days of May 08 because I blew through my bandwidth limit (which is admittedly pretty small on account of the cheap deal I had going).

Then after my support request bouncing back, I though it would be better to quit while I was ahead and jumped ship to someone who promises cialis cheap fast to answer support tickets (tested them already and they passed).

So please let me know I you see any weirdness on the site, otherwise we continue your regularly scheduled program.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate all three of you 🙂

I know, I know, there are actually 7 readers, just wanted to look modest. 🙂