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I have been following the work that Invisible Children has been doing every since their first Documentary in 2006. From watching from the outside, it seems like a fresh way to run a social justice movement in a connected/media age!

The 29 minute documentary has become a viral hit online, trending on twitter and has been shared nearly 4 million times on Facebook in the past week and is titled after the infamous leader of the Ugandan guerilla group LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). Please consider what you can do to spread the word!


 Joseph Kony is the worst living criminal.

He has abducted over 30,000 children and forced them to be child soldiers in Central Africa. He remains at large because he is invisible to the world. Few know his name, even fewer know his crimes. This year we are making Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.After watching the film you can help by taking action at KONY2012.COM.

Watch the teaser for the next tour


Had An Idea

In this years eXchange film and arts festival at our Hillsong Easter celebrations I entered a film with my partner in crime Funny Man Dan.

Now mostly because of the sobriety and importance of the moment that Easter demands a lot of the films are quite serious in nature. A lot of movie trailer voiceovers and artistic shots of nature and out-of-focus moments of contemplation and earnestness.

So we decided to stick with what we know… ie. irreverence.

Here is my synopsis:

‘Had An Idea’ is a short film produced for the Exchange Festival 2011.

Starring David Wakerley and Dan Lee-Archer as themselves.

“What happens when two motivationally challenged young men attempt to film a movie about making a movie. ‘Had An Idea’ is an angst driven cliché-fest about the pitfalls of filming your own movies.”


Had An Idea: On Vimeo


Money & Mouth Together

I have talked long about the Church and Christians creating culture. We have lost our cultural impact because we have resorted to parody and imitation. Our kids need to grow up with an understanding that as they serve a creative God they can also create/inspire and lead the way as a creative force in the world.

So long story short… I read, along with millions of others Don Millers book ‘Blue Like Jazz‘. Well it’s going to be made into a movie because I and thousands of others have invested in it’s production!

Who knows what the movie is going to be like, but the important thing is action. I am supporting the creation of art that will have cultural impact.

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Update on the Movie

A while ago I posted about the United Film – We’re All in this Together.

Here’s what’s happening – click your country to find out when the film is screening!

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Click here for South Africa

THIS NOVEMBER is the global premiere of The I Heart Revolution; We’re All in this Together. Airing in cinemas all around the world, we’ll be cramming this special one-off event with surprises, including the launch of some of Hillsong UNITED’s new songs, hosted LIVE by us, VIA SATELLITE.
The I Heart Revolution; We’re All in this Together isn’t about Hillsong UNITED. Rather, part apologetic, part documentary, part call to action, it’s a story of social justice… of love lived out and the potential of cooperation. Showing in Australia, the USA, Canada, NZ, South Africa and soon to be announced nations in South America, Asia and around Europe….
To find out all about the film + screening details + to watch the trailer, visit: www.theiheartfilm.com.  Our prayer is that people everywhere – Churches, Colleges, Musicians, Youth Groups, everyONE – across the earth would rally and do whatever it takes to gather at the same time to be stirred and inspired by the message of Christ and help to ultimately work closer together in seeing the real needs of humanity collide with a love that can only be found in God. We are also confident that this is a great event to bring those away from church to connect with the message depakote generic cheap of Christ’s love for them.

Go see it!


Hillsong United: We’re All In This Together

Check it out! Big News from UNITED!

On Wednesday, November 4th, popular Australian current ginseng prices musical sensation Hillsong United will appear on movie screens across the US for an exclusive One Night Event featuring a performance by the internationally recognized worship band and their much-anticipated documentary, hosted live from Australia.

“We’re All in this Together”- Part apologetic, part documentary, part call to action, the film is a story made up of many stories, told by many voices, no individual voice any more or any less important than any other, yet every voice working together to ultimately tell the ONE story – A story that involves everyONE; that seeks to capture our collective and idiosyncratic purpose in ONE.


Taking Chance Review

I had read about the HBO Movie ‘Taking Chance‘ on a blog written by a Marine serving in Iraq (One Marines View), and just watched it tonight.

I love a movie that reignites my love of Cinema! This is not a Summer action movie blockbuster… it is a very thoughful and moving tribute to a man who served his country.

Visit the site for more info on the actual movie, but the one word you can use to describe this film is ‘Honour’.

As the story unfolds of this young marines body being returned to his family what follows him is respect and honour. Every step along the way people are moved to respond in ways that place value on the life that has been given to protect them. And it surprised me by being a very powerful and moving film.

So get it and watch it 🙂

But what it did awaken me to was the fact that this world really would be a better place if we hounoured people. All people. Not just the ones percieved as heroes.

I am going to make sure my son gets to experience different cultures. From the honouring, to places where there is a complete lack of respect. So he can see for himself the outcomes and consequences. And also build into him a respect for the house of God where youth is celebrated, and wisdom and age is loved and appreciated.

Our churches really should be the most diverse places on earth. Contrary to the world where religion and ethnicity divides we build communities that by their very existence proves coreg cr price the nature and chrarcter of our God!


Ice Age 2

I haven’t seen it yet. But after receiving some very good reviews from some quite reliable reviewers… a couple kids and some kid-like adult friends, I am really looking forward to it.

Explore the message behind the media over at damaris.org to read a nice piece on the movie that you can expand to talk about with your kids.

Families can be a difficult subject in our increasingly fragmented society, and it is no surprise to find Ice Age 2 following on from the first film in exploring just what makes for a family. The implication, once again, is that it isn’t necessarily about being a traditional nuclear family, but about being a close-knit group that functions as a family. Manny is beginning to think he is the last woolly mammoth alive. He justifies his unconventional ‘herd’ calling it, ‘One big, happy family. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.’ But he is uncomfortable when asked, ‘Then where’s your big happy family?’ Sid, sensitive as ever, teases him saying, ‘One truly is the loneliest number’. read on


Do You know who directed Narnia?

Probably not.

Cool article about Narnia – from the LA Times =====>

Close your eyes and try to imagine who I’m talking about: He’s a likable New Zealander who directs epic fantasies that have stretched the boundaries of computer-generated effects and made more money than many small countries – nearly $1 billion worldwide.

And, oh yes, his name isn’t Peter Jackson.

Read On Here


Kids with Cameras

Now I don’t know if just missed this film and site completely, but check out:

Where was I when the film won an Academy Award?

Anyway, I am ordering the DVD… report coming soon.

About Kids with Cameras:

Kids with Cameras’ upcoming priority is to further empower the children of Calcutta’s red light district by creating a school and campus specifically for them. Existing schools in Calcutta are hesitant to admit children like those featured in Born into Brothels, simply because of where they are born and raised. In the rare cases that schools do accept them, the children are often further stigmatized and limited in reaching their full potential. Our mission is to create a safe and nurturing environment, to provide the highest quality education available in the world and to support the children all the way through to university.


Narnia Cometh!

This Christmas begins the Chronicles of Narnia – “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. Now, like the “Lord of the Rings”, the books had a big impact on me when I was a kid and so I await with mucho anticipationo for the release of this movie.

There is a lot of interest from the Childrens Ministry / Christian world using this as an outreach tool (much like The Passion of the Christ) and teaching tool which it a GREAT idea.

I am looking to do a series on it next year sometime, when the DVD is released probably and teach kids the major themes of Christianity found in the books.

Here are some online resources you will want to check out about the movie etc.

Official Movie site: www.narnia.com

Narnia News site (From Walden Media): www.narniaweb.com

Resource site for teachers and educators: www.narniaresources.com

10 Week Narnia Curriculum from Kidology: http://www.kidology.org

Aslan is on the Move (Five session series): http://www.leaderresources.com/