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Kidsong 2015 – The 3 T’s – YouTube

People of Earth! Just wanted you to know that the two men in this video are talking about things you have no idea about unless you were at Kidsong 2015! But let’s just say that if you would like to get a taste of the conference then check out the Three T’s.

You should also then check out the latest videos on the Hillsong Kids Channel at YouTube because there are some seriously great memory verse songs as well!

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Kidsong Conference Highlights

‘Creative title’ I know for my first foray back into blogging for a while.

But this is indeed about the wonderful event we just experienced at Hillsong Conference!

Kidsong 2013 was such a great, amazing time for everyone involved.

I have written a post on Hillsong Collected to highlight some of the things that happened and there is a part two coming this week.

So read http://hillsongcollected.com/leadership/inside-kidsong-pt-1

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Here’s what happened.

So here’s what happened. – Christmas at our Church.

Here’s what didn’t happen – posting at this blog.

But I haven’t been entirely silent – I have written a couple of posts for Hillsong Collected which highlight the behind the scenes of our Kidsong Conference.

Kidsong Inside and Out Part 1

Kidsong Inside and Out Part 2

If you have a big event coming up for Kids soon, check it out it might just spark something off in your brain area!

There are some cool things happening online right now:

  • cmconnect.org has had a facelift and it looks fresh!
  • I kicked off a little community on Google+ for kidmin people, not sure what it will turn into but I just really like Google+
  • Have a look at our Churches strategy for Summer Camps, it’s awesome and very cohesive. Instead of multiple pages its just one with all the info!




VeggieTables and Hillsong

It really irks me when people start blog posts talking about the lack of posts, that being said… 🙂

After a massive hiatus in blogging I have returned to the fold, to the promised text input box, to my corner of the world-wide interwebs.

I decided that after the unrest that I was causing in international geo-political hotspots around the world (Arab spring anyone?) I should at least write some new content to calm the thronging masses.

We are nearing the annual Hillsong Conference, so our team is in full perpetual motion peparing for the inevitable teeming masses of children we will hangout with in two weeks. For 5 nights and 4 days from about 9am to 9pm with a break for dinner KIDSONG will be rocking with BOB and LARRY! Oh yeah. VeggieTales is headed down under.

Pretty excited about this, I think some of our parents are more excited about this news than some of our kids!


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Recent Highlights

There are a couple of awesome posts I wanted to highlight from our Hillsong Collected Blog.

The first is from our Senior Pastor Bobbie Houston all about doing ministry and life with children well, and the second is a recap of our Kidsong conference at Hillsong Europe!

“How do you balance family life and ministry life?”

This has to be possibly THE most frequently asked question in forums like this, and especially by young women in that fabulous season of early motherhood. However having said that, the question applies to pretty much every season of life, because there isn’t a season in any of our lives, where we don’t (or shouldn’t) feel something of the stretch and pressure of that new season.

Have you noticed that one word dominated this first paragraph … Seasons!!

Kidsong World Europe 2011 Highlights [VIDEO]

Kidsong – the ultra-serious part of Conference that has the glow-stick parties and bubble machines…

So we’ve recently closed the doors on Kidsong Europe 2011 – a conference that was ultra-serious about reaching new heights in every way possible. And it did.

We like to think of Kidsong as a complete conference experience, tailor-made for 3 year olds (or 11 year olds, or 6 year olds…). We’re not into “baby-sitting the kids while the adults do the serious God-stuff.” We’re into each and every child enjoying the same personal welcome, the spirit-led praise and worship and the life-transforming bible teaching that mum and dad are enjoying next door. We just do it in a way that works for their young minds. And we get to do it with bouncy castles 🙂



Happy 25th

This year was the 25th Anniversary of Hillsong Conference! It all started in 1986 in a school in Baulkham Hills, and this week we were at the Sydney Entertainment Centre in the Heart of Sydney!

I haven’t blogged much in the last week, but to make up for it here is a Happy Birthday video from Kidsong to Hillsong Conference! Blog posts maybe take an hour to write but this video took days, so show the love and retweet/share do your thing! 🙂



Kidsong – The Mystery Part 2

Part one is here.

So on the first day all of the small groups (each child is in a small group of kids with a leader) got a ‘Cloodle’ which was a record of all the clues that we left around the Kidsong venues. Some were written in chalk in random places, some were read out from stage, some were texted to leaders and some were handed out on bits of paper. There were 18 clues in all and they had to fill out all the clues because on the last morning we revealed the final meta puzzle.

A letter out of each of the 18 clues was needed to create a final sentence to unlock where the ‘treasure’ was ultimately hidden.

One of our challenges each year is to create an exciting prize for the winning team (every child is allocated a tribe/pod for the conference). It’s hard on a limited budget to get a prize that is valuable for a few hundred kids and doesn’t cost your whole budget.

Every year we produce ‘trading cards‘ (coming in part three of this series) that we release each day and the kids go nuts trying to collect them all. Some are rarer than others and this year the rarest of all turned out to be the hidden treasure on the final day. We produced doxycycline order online an unannounced 11th card for the winning team ONLY.

There were only a few hundred of this card and not many kids outside of the winning team would have got one. So after announcing the winning team and revealing the meta puzzle we produced the MAP and the winning team went to dig up their treasure.

Funny Story: My esteemed collegue Nathan Mclean, whom I charged to bury the aforementioned tresure only hours before it was revealed is still at the conference site looking for one of the packages (two primary school age groups = two different treasures). One thing I know, I will never let him forget his disastrous treasure finding abilities.

(Even with one lost we had enough to go around thank goodness).

Thanks to Elisha Suarez and her team of thespians who wrote our Mystery script, she did an absolutely magnificent job and I could not have imagined a better video series! Also thanks to our editors Logan, Eric, Josh and Nathan who did post audio! It all worked out in the end!

Here is part three of the video:

This is part four:

And here is the final wrap up of the whole thing, where the kids get to see all the secrets. This is shown on the final night of conference and recaps the entire week.

Coming in part three: The designs of the trading cards and the ‘cloodle’.

Plus other highlights from Kidsong World 2010!

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Kidsong – The Mystery Part 1

So each year at our annual Hillsong doxycycline 600 mg Conference we host Kidsong World. This year was my 9th and I have been involved from my very first year in 2001 as a ‘Pod’ leader (all the kids are in teams), to now overseeing the whole thing.

The ages we take differ slightly from our weekend services so I thought I might run them down. Unlike normal services we don’t take kids from aged one, instead we run ‘playgroup‘ providing a fantastic area for parents to hang out with their kids and showing the service on screens. This complements our parenting rooms which are for all kids under one.

Our first program starts at aged two and we take 2-5 year old into our Ark program and they hang out mostly with the ‘Funhouse’ kids (Kindergarten & grade 1 at school). This is our ‘Early Childhood‘ program. They have Max and Melody shows and HK Team, our praise and worship team for young ones.

Our ‘Primary school‘ program starts at grade 2-4 (All Stars) and 5-6 (Voltage), they hang out together mostly and have similar programs. But as much as possible we provide different targeted experiences for all age groups.

We have found that split works well for such a long conference (9am-4ish and then a 2 hour night rally), we have these kids for a significant period of time. In fact every year I remind our volunteers that we will get as much time during conference than the rest of the year put together!

So in this post I want to focus on the ‘story’ of conference.

My main concern is of course the safety of our kids, but I really love focussing on the content of the week. Here was our theme this year. Each day of conference was a different theme, we are also using this theme for the month of July (5 Weekends).


BIG WORD: That Word contains the mystery that has been hidden for many ages…and here it is. Christ is in you. He is your hope of glory. Colossians 1:26-27 (NIrV)



3. BIG IDEA: EVIDENCE UNEARTHED – BIG POINT: We can see God in History

4. BIG IDEA: DESIGNER GENES – BIG POINT: We can see God in His workmanship

5. BIG IDEA: TRUE LIVES – BIG POINT: We can see God in our lives

We make ‘teaching clips’ that are similar in style to our BIG Curriculum videos, but the exciting thing this year was the creation of the Mystery Videos. A five part video that engages kids in a mystery that they have to solve! Each morning they watched the next episode of the video and spent the day looking for clues that would help them solve the secrets of the Mystery.

Here is part one of the video:

And here is part two:

Coming soon…

Kidsong – The Mystery Part 2  [Edit – It’s up here]

The rest of the mystery videos and the map


Helen Burns says nice things

Helen Burns from Relate Church in Vancouver came with her husband recently and spoke at our annual relationship seminar here at Hillsong.

We captured her talking about Kidsong World at Hillsong Conference, you can check it out below or visit the Hillsong Church Youtube channel here.

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Thanks Helen, you can come back any time! 🙂