Truman, Perry and Hospital Journeys

8 weeks ago I had a little guy called ‘Truman the Tumor’ removed from my body. Then had 6 weeks to recover, then ‘Perry the Power Port’ was installed in my chest and just yesterday I started my 6 months of Chemo which will finish just before Christmas… which will make it the bet Christmas ever!

Lots more detail at (@beciboo and @davewakerley)

So it’s been a wasteland around here, but I have a backlog of a few bits of content to share so they will come in time!


Baby Brother on the Way

Brooklyn will have a younger brother coming soon in Feb 09. Yay!

crestor generic size-full wp-image-903″ title=”New Baby Sonogram” src=”http://www.davidwakerley.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/baby2.jpg” alt=”New Baby Sonogram” width=”390″ height=”520″ />