Passin’ me by

A lot of noise has been made (in our little but colourful corner of the the internets) about the 2011 Ministry To Children Blog Madness competition.

I was up in one of the divisions in the first round (there are four) but owing to our Colour Women’s conference and all that was happening it just passed me by without much comment on my part.

Unlike the 2010 comp. where the prize was just winning, this year Tony Kummer put up an iPad as a first prize!

I couldn’t let the whole thing happen without saying how awesome that was, so kudos to Tony!

The four final blogs are all worthy of winning and I love reading all of them.

Sam Luce

Small Town Kidmin (Jared Massey)

Justyn Smith

Leader 2 Leader (Jim Wideman)

There is more diversity each year in our world of kidmin blogging and I am so happy to see that!

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Kinda cool news

So apparently there is an International Bible Competition for Jewish young people

A student from a girl’s school near Tel Aviv beat 15 finalists to win the 2010 International Bible contest, traditionally held on Israel’s Independence Day. Or Ashual, 17, whose name means “light,” is a student at Amana girls’ school in Kfar Saba. Her father, Shimon, won the contest 27 years ago.

Like father, like daughter!

Not discount generic claritin sure exactly what the questions are… probably doesn’t include the new testament. 🙂

What you value as a parent WILL leak to your kids!


Blog Madness

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Over at Ministry-To-Children.com there is a great comp going on.

2010 Kids Ministry Blog Madness

Vote for Your Favorite Kidmin Blogger

Here’s How It Works – Listed on the site are the top 64 children’s ministry blogs arranged in a four division bracket-style tournament. (I guess in the U.S. sports are divided into four main divisions, which is cool… so my blog is in the West Division).

Sunday 21 March 2010 is when round #1 will close and the top picks in each division will advance.

So I have to call in some favours… especially for those volunteers and pastors at Hillsong Church you need to jump on over there and click the vote button in the appropriate spot. 🙂

Click here for the comp.


BIG Release Competition

So there is a twitter competition going on right now! In fact it just started.

Check out the official BIG website here: http://hillsongkidsbig.com/news/10/01/big-release-competition

All the rules and everything you need to know!

Oh and here is the latest on the release of Follow You!

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Top Ten

A few #kidmin people have done Top Ten lists in the past few weeks.

I wanna do one too.

Not sure what kind of list to do though…

Thinks to himself… ‘if I want reader participation I should offer them an incentive’…

Okay, if you write a comment/suggestion of the top ten list I should daily cialis prescription do and I do it. Then you will win a copy of our new, yet to be released kids album. Hillsong Kids Ultimate Collection.

Of course it hasn’t been released yet so I of course be sending it to you after that takes place.


The Winner!

Earlier in this year of our LORD two thousand and nine we ran a competition and you can read about that here.

Well after many lots and dozens of the people variety voted the results are in and I am happy to announce that the winner of the Bad Ministry Acronym (or #BMA) with 22% of the vote goes to:

Funny Man Dan

Disciples In Spirit Practicing Patience, Eagerly Awaiting Rapture! I wish they would just DISAPPEAR! (@funnymandan)

Congrats cymbalta online Dan!



Here’s what I wrote on twitter on 12:39 crestor prescription medicine PM Sep 17th from Twitterrific

@funnymandan I challenge U to a #twitteroff. Category is ‘bad ministry name acronyms’: Super Passionate Eternal Warriors – SPEW #kidmin

What started as mere horseplay between friends turned into a cultural tour de force with hundreds, dozens, lots of, numbers of fellow twitters joining in to clash their language knowledge in a battle of wit and writing…ness.

Over the next two days many a bad Acronym was created, some merely awful, others… puerile nonsense.

Finishing at Australian Eastern Standard Time on the 19th of September in the year of our Lord two thousand and nine it is now my distinct and quite specialous honour to present to you the best of the bunch, the cream of the proverbial crop for your voting edification.

The winner will go on to recieve the glory that comes from such a win and a small basket of fruit which they will procure from their nearest Grocery establishment at their own expense.

May the Best Acronym Win! (MTBAW)


Pimp my setup

Now that we have three main campuses we don’t get to see each others room setups. So last kids staff meeting we had a fun competition. But I will let Kathryn MacDaddy tell you the rest of the story:

We had a competition between our Hillsong Kids staff called “Pimp my Set up”… The idea was that we each take 5 photos of our age groups room set up and we present them to the team. We then choose 3 finalists and vote on the winner. And I WON!! Yeah Baby..I WON IT!!! My prize was a gift card for the movies, which I will enjoy every second of!!! clomid lowest price target=”_blank”>Read On