Blogging Matters

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Seth Godin & Tom Peters on blogging

I have tried to put into words the impact and point of blogging to many people over the years. These two influential business leaders put it brilliantly!

If you are leading anything like a ministry or team I want you to understand that you have a voice and a platform. You are called to steward that responsibility and privilege! If you don’t record and share what God is doing with and through you in this age of information I believe you are missing something quite profound.

Paul recorded his life and it turned into the New Testament.

That opportunity is not really open to us today, but who knows what could happen if you took steps to present your voice to the world? At least have enough respect for your calling to treat it as precious and important.

A book is simply a container for an idea (what makes a book a book?).

After you are gone, where will your ideas be contained? If you don’t do something about it… nowhere.

At the very least give your future generations the inspiration of discovering your story, your journey with God!


A+ for effort

top children's ministry blogs

So Tony Kummer at Ministry to Children has put together a evista without prescription target=”_blank”>top 100 list of kidmin blogs.

It took him a huge amount of effort to put this together, so hats off to you Tony!! I would be blogging about it even if I didn’t come in at third place… just because of the hours he put into it!

I have been blogging since late 2004 and all I can say is that there is something about longevity and persistence. Just showing up is 90% of success I think. It will be a big milestone to see this blog at the ten year mark!

Bring on 2014!


New Blogger on the Scene

BloggingSlowly but surely every single person on the team at Hillsong Kids is becoming a blogger…  its my theory on growing a volunteer team… if every single team member will become a blogger, then maybe, just maybe every single blogger in the world will become a volunteer!

Not sure exactly on the logic yet, but it’s a work in progress.

Carlos Dyonisio (aka Cadu), is just one of the most passionate people I know about seeing the lives of kids changed for the better! He is from South America and came to Australia a number of years ago and has found himself serving here at Hillsong Church!

He is an uber nerd… I mean I am nerdy, but this guy has Linux installed on his laptop with no graphical interface… just think back to the days before windows on MS-DOS and you can imagine how he runs his computer.

His new blog is For One Child and already has some great content up.

P.S. Don’t read the post entitled detrol la cheap Running the Race unless you really want to read about his bladder movements.

P.S. I am kinda serious about the blogging theory, the more your team can see their lives invested into being a voice for childhood the greater impact your Church community will have!

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So last week I started this post in my drafts folder all about how I thought we were starting to see some real traction in the social media/internet world with relation to the non-geeks starting to use technology tools to communicate. But then Sat night happened… I cut back on the amount of blogs I read dramatically. I have done this once before, but didn’t touch the Children’s Ministry ones because I kinda felt I wanted to keep up with all of them… those days are over.

I made some tough (well not really compared to fighting in world war 1), decisions and just stopped following about half the CM blogs I used to (I follow them in Google Reader).

Having blogged for many moons now I have seen the landscape change and shift; in obvious ways like the rise of twitter, and in watching blogging grow, plateau and maintain.

But blogging still seems to be the way that great leaders can communicate, converse and contribute to a wider conversation – and spreading it through twitter.

So I wonder if the little niche of ministry cytotec order overnight to Children has reached its peak with blogging contributors and time will soon present a much more mainstream option?

The bottom line is that we should have FAR more people involved in contributing! Too many leaders doubt their experience and feel like they have nothing to say. Everyone has something to contribute.

Leader: Don’t waste your experience. Grow your influence.

You are already giving out to your team, just make that content go further, find a way to share! Believe me, as you give you will receive, pressed down, shaken together… you know the rest.


Posts of Awesomeness!

Here are a few posts that hit it out of the park in the last few weeks!

Pudge on Leading for Tomorrow

A bunch of posts from Henry Zonio about the Conspire Conference Rewiring Ministry for the Digital LearnerSpiritual Formation in compare prices nexium Children

Fascinating stuff from The Connecting Church and Home Conference from Jared Kennedy via Doug

Shane Hipps on Technology from the Q blog! MUST WATCH! Hipps discusses how technology shapes your faith and offers a critique of the cliche “the methods change but the message doesn’t.”

How to Blog 101 from churchrelevance.com


Blog’s Aplenty

So it’s time to introduce you to three new blogs.

I am a little apprehensive about two of them, but am confident about the third for reasons I shall now disclose.

The Good Life by Nathan McLean. Now Nathan is another children’s pastor here at Hillsong who has many good intentions about blogging but has issues following through. Although he has no problems following through in other areas.

He has just had his first baby and loving being a father. Hopefully this little pump will encourage him to put down thoughts on his blog. (of course I may just need to email him is login details for the 7th time) :)

claritin prices target=”_blank”>Vogelpedia by Mike Vogel. Mike is a U.S. Maryland native who made his way over here to our Bible College three years ago and has since become an invaluable leader in our ministry. He runs the Voltage ministry (pre-teen) in our City Campus and is just the epitome of a great follower, which makes him a brilliant leader! I am hopeful about his blog, mainly because he is almost as competitive as Nathan and will make sure he wipes the floor in the regularity and quality of blog posts after this announcement (won’t you Mike) :)

Kathryn Joy by Kathryn Macdowall. I have a little more confidence in recommending this blog as Kathryn has probably tripled my boys blogging in just a few weeks. She is our Hills Campus administrator and curriculum writing guru, and very single… (see I am trying Kathryn — just putting it out there).

So here are three new blogs for your reading pleasure and hopefully just enough impetus to enable some brilliant thoughts to emerge from within their capable minds!


<140 Posts

I follow a 100 or so blogs right now (far too many, and I am estimating because it’s midnight and changing tabs on my internet browsers seems like a big deal right now). But every time I open Google Reader I am confronted with 800 or so unread posts!

And over 140 unread Childrens Ministry related posts… which would ordinarily make me a little anxious to catch up with all the posted goodness — but a second emotion flooded my mind which was ‘Yay’… (not really an emotion).

The blogosphere is slowly but surely filling up with more and more blogs relating to the bringing of children to Jesus, the discipling, reaching out to and general focus of the ministry of children… that is why I say ‘Yay’.

So bring it on… the more unread posts the better.

Incidentally, Pudge is running a poll about blogging, so head on over there.

P.S. Blogging is slow here at the moment owing to the momentus effort being rendered to complete our brand new curriculum hillsongkidsbig.com)


Mohler on Blogging

Following up from my Rant on Blogging, here is advice from Al Mohler, the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Mohler emphasized the importance of taking “the new media seriously, not making it a bulletin board for isolated, disconnected, reckless ideas, snarky comments and anonymous diatribes, but rather, a place where seriously-minded Christians do the seriously-minded Christian thing and make serious Christian arguments in a serious Christian way with love and with charity, with boldness and with courage.

“Should Christians go into the wild, wild, west? Yes,” said Mohler. “But we need to go in understanding that there is no sheriff. But that doesn’t mean that we do not have a higher accountability, certainly we do.

Read the rest of Godblogging USA

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2007: The List Post

2007 was a great year for blogging, more bloggers about CM than ever… community and friendships started around the world. Although I didn’t blog as much as I would have liked… I managed to put some reasonably intelligent thoughts together in a why that I hope helped.

Here are the top most commented posts of 2007:

We start with:

My take on Family worship – hmm. This was a reaction to the ideas people have about worship…

KidsFest 2007 – I put up the promo video for our Kidsfest Event (where we record our kids albums) from Youtube and generated some talk and interest.

Moving on to There’s a kink in my hose.– This post about creativity got some people talking and helped some I hope!!!

The Final Cover Artwork – ‘Tell the World was released and I did the traditional releasing of artwork post… you can order it from Australia right now… (U.S. release 22 Jan 08 I think, U.K. rest of world similar…)

The Purpose of Purpose – Kids need to enjoy and participate in the journey, not just wake up at the destination. This post talked about what we are looking to do with kids! People liked it.

Way back in May I wrote The State of the CM Blogosphere – Presidents, heads of state, royalty all like to present their state of the nation to their people, and so I like to be presumptuous occasionally and present the State of the Children’s Ministry Blog World as I see it!! This one introduced some new bloggers to the party!

An Explosion Needed – Just last week I fired up a little and yelled at everyone to start blogging, I think I will have to write a follow up as to WHY everyone should blog 🙂

A quick recap of 07 – have a read if you didn’t catch these the first time… even comment some more.

The bottom line is that I need to announce cool stuff more… and write more really thoughtful and incisive posts about interesting topics to get some conversation happening here…

Sounds like hard work… but I’m up for it!

C YA round in 08!