New Year/Little Content

My mind is very focussed right now. In fact it can only really fit a couple of things in it and I have reached capacity.

There are two main projects which are at their almost final end.

1. Our fourth Hillsong Kids Big curriculum – I am excited about this and we have a final video shoot next week, but I really want it to be done. (It also differs slightly from our first three so stay tuned for details!)

2. The DVD of Crazy Noise. Our first ever preschool album CD was released in Aus. last November and will be launching worldwide early this year with a DVD as well… so it’s kinda all happening right now, and because its a studio alum not a live one there is a lot more content that needs filming and a bunch of creative ideas that need to be idea-ed-afied.

So this blog takes a back seat, but I look forward to writing some posts about the creative, songwriting and filming processes that will hopefully be helpful!

Talk soon!


While It’s Hot

Tis is the season to be jolly!

Our team here at hillsongmusic.com are have a super dooper special on our first two BiG Curriculums. Usually $230 each, get ’em both for $250! That’s almost two for the price of one…

This is all leading to the launch of Big 3 – Supernatural very soon!


Merry Christmas from Hillsong Kids!! Valid for a limited time only, Purchase ‘Follow You’ and receive ‘Tell The World’ for only $20! Available only until December 10th, that’s 26 weeks of curriculum for only $249.99! CLICK HERE TO GET IT FOR YOUR CHURCH!


Supernatural BIG Curriculum

Our first BIG curriculum was ‘Tell The World’, very evangelistic and foundational. Our second was ‘Follow You’, all about discipleship and ‘now you know Jesus’ – what do you do?

Well we are working on our 3rd curriculum right now called ‘Supernatural‘. This one is all about a lifestyle of worship.

It works right alongside our Supernatural album.

So we spent last week filming. And by last week I mean ALL of last week. From morning to night we filmed like maniacs to get it all done.

Its a great way to work, get it all done in one go… but the pressure was on and we felt it. I got grumpy a few times, but in the end we accomplished all we wanted to. Here are a few photos!

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The Set

Just another day with Dan

The girls of BIG HQ

What are we looking at?

There is no release date for BIG Supernatural yet. But as soon as I can give a date I will make sure to post it on this blog.


BIG Release Competition

So there is a twitter competition going on right now! In fact it just started.

Check out the official BIG website here: http://hillsongkidsbig.com/news/10/01/big-release-competition

All the rules and everything you need to know!

Oh and here is the latest on the release of Follow You!

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Big Video Blog

On our Hillsong Kids Big website we added a news item with a fun Video blog, but to save you the chance of a repetitive strain injury I have embedded it here.

Aren’t I thoughtful…

Visit the Follow You Curriculum page here and check out all the bonus material we’ve just uploaded for you!

As always we value your feedback and questions, so please feel free to contact the BIG team anytime.

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Follow You Release

Follow You Big Pack Shot

Yesterday on our twitter and facebook pages we announced the release date of Hillsong Kids Big Follow You

I am really excited about our second ever curriculum for Children’s Ministries.

We have learnt a lot from ourfirst one and taken heaps of lessons differin on sale and put them into our second.

The release date is on Jan the 4th 2010, which is less than one month away so from now until then make sure you follow Hillsong Kids on twitter and Facebook because we are gonna keep the info and announcements coming!


Oh Great!!

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Another post announcing something without actually containing any kind of content or insightful thoughts on God and His manifest presence and glory working in the lives of we His people here on planet earth!

Yep, just wanted to point out that I just updated the BIG curriculum site with a new promo video… I am trying right now to upload it to youtube, but the gremlins are active…

So check out the new 9:12 long video that goes into more detail exactly what BIG is!!!

Hillsong Kids Big

– Dave


16 Strong and growing.

Michelle Duggar just delivered her 16th child, and she’s already thinking about doing it again.

“We both just love children and we consider each a blessing from the Lord. I have asked Michelle if she wants more and she said yes, if the Lord wants to give us some she will accept them,” he said in a telephone interview.

Talk about growing a Children’s Ministry!

That is one way to make sure you get looked after in your retirement!