Kidsong – The Mystery Part 2

Part one is here.

So on the first day all of the small groups (each child is in a small group of kids with a leader) got a ‘Cloodle’ which was a record of all the clues that we left around the Kidsong venues. Some were written in chalk in random places, some were read out from stage, some were texted to leaders and some were handed out on bits of paper. There were 18 clues in all and they had to fill out all the clues because on the last morning we revealed the final meta puzzle.

A letter out of each of the 18 clues was needed to create a final sentence to unlock where the ‘treasure’ was ultimately hidden.

One of our challenges each year is to create an exciting prize for the winning team (every child is allocated a tribe/pod for the conference). It’s hard on a limited budget to get a prize that is valuable for a few hundred kids and doesn’t cost your whole budget.

Every year we produce ‘trading cards‘ (coming in part three of this series) that we release each day and the kids go nuts trying to collect them all. Some are rarer than others and this year the rarest of all turned out to be the hidden treasure on the final day. We produced doxycycline order online an unannounced 11th card for the winning team ONLY.

There were only a few hundred of this card and not many kids outside of the winning team would have got one. So after announcing the winning team and revealing the meta puzzle we produced the MAP and the winning team went to dig up their treasure.

Funny Story: My esteemed collegue Nathan Mclean, whom I charged to bury the aforementioned tresure only hours before it was revealed is still at the conference site looking for one of the packages (two primary school age groups = two different treasures). One thing I know, I will never let him forget his disastrous treasure finding abilities.

(Even with one lost we had enough to go around thank goodness).

Thanks to Elisha Suarez and her team of thespians who wrote our Mystery script, she did an absolutely magnificent job and I could not have imagined a better video series! Also thanks to our editors Logan, Eric, Josh and Nathan who did post audio! It all worked out in the end!

Here is part three of the video:

This is part four:

And here is the final wrap up of the whole thing, where the kids get to see all the secrets. This is shown on the final night of conference and recaps the entire week.

Coming in part three: The designs of the trading cards and the ‘cloodle’.

Plus other highlights from Kidsong World 2010!


Conference 2010

I have found a few moments during Hillsong Conference (#hillsongconf for all the twitterers out there), to write a couple of thoughts down.

1. It’s awesome

2. It’s full on!

So many kids, new venues and a whole lot of leaders to pull of the most creative and fresh conference we have done in a while!

(These dostinex without prescriptions were short thoughts okay, I’ll try again before the week is out)

But go to http://hillsongconference.com/backstage to see all the action!


Conference Backstage

I’m super freakin’ pumped up like an over-inflated bicycle tyre

My man James Leggot explain in the video which you can watch on the site: hillsongconference.com/backstage

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Hillsong BACKSTAGE – Web Design – 5weeks to go from Hillsong Church on Vimeo.

So this is similar to the Catalyst Backstage and Orange Conference Behind the scenes/live streaming plus highlights from the conference!

So it will be developing for the next few weeks as we countdown to the conference. If you cannot make it to the conference then this is the place to be during the week.

I will be hosting some of the live streaming along with a bunch of our team here at church!

Can’t wait!

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Kidsong World Promo

We are once again ramping up for Hillsong Conference in July!

I love conference time each year… the air is crisp, the sun bright but ineffective, winter is all around and we all get precious little sleep as we present our annual conference to champion the cause of the local church.

KIDSONG 2010 promo from Hillsong Church on Vimeo.

So, Hillsong Kids team, we want to hang out with you and a couple thousand kids! Make plans to be there. Ministry leaders come along, if you are in the leadership stream we would love for you to be a part of our Children’s Pastors and Leaders electives!

discount generic viagra target=”_blank”>hillsongconference.com


It’s Official

This is probably not the most earth shattering news to most of you. But if you have an interest in the music industry etc.

(Nashville, TN) April 9, 2010 – EMI Christian Music Group has entered into an exclusive recorded music licensing and marketing agreement with Hillsong Church and Hillsong Music, one of the world’s fastest-growing evangelical ministries and a global force in Christian music. Effective immediately, EMI CMG will have the exclusive license to develop and market Hillsong music in US and Latin American territories diovan without prescriptions (including Canadian digital and mainstream retail stores) in the areas of Recorded Music and Video, Live Events and Leadership/Church Resources.

Yep, we have new friends in EMI CMG.

EMI CMG Label Group and its Sparrow Records label will be marketing and developing Hillsong Music annual releases, including the best-selling Hillsong LIVE, Hillsong UNITED and Hillsong Kids recordings, as well as other music and video products from the Hillsong Music team.  In addition to new product, EMI CMG will be re-introducing all key Hillsong catalog titles into Christian, general market and digital retail outlets.

What does this mean for you, oh inspiring reader of blogs? Nothing much at all but with every new partnership comes new opportunities and it is a new day, so I am looking forward to working with the dudes and dudettes at EMI to create resources that grow our own Church, but also Churches around the world.

I don’t talk about it too much, but when I was probably 14/15 and learning Hillsong songs to play for my children’s ministry praise and worship in my Church in Christchurch New Zealand I never dreamed I would end up here a part of the team that creates that music!

Which leads me to our project(s) this year – which I can say nothing about lest I get in trouble for spreading rumours and innuendo 🙂 But suffice to say, it’s new, fresh and some stuff we have never done before!

That is all.