Album on the way…

Follow You.

Album release is coming soon… clarinex generic due before Christmas in Australia, and in April 2009 in the US/UK…

But of course you could order direct from hillsongmusic.com even if you do live somewhere else in the world!

I really am excited about this album, some very different tracks and also my first vocal ever… with Dan Lee-Archer (aka Funny Man Dan), a hip-hop groove called ‘Love Never Fails’.

Album cover for Follow You

Album cover for Follow You


A Hole Nutha Level!

Didn’t have a camera!

So had to steal a couple of shots from some friends on facebook. 🙂

Kidsfest 2008… album recording… the whole day…

God is good. The event REALLY was a huge blessing to our kids and our church!

Hillsong Kids Album 2008 pit choir
Hillsong Kids Album 2008 rehearsal

Hillsong Kids Album 2008 rehearsal

So once I get a hold of our ‘offical’ photos from the album I will link ’em here.


Guitar Mania

More studio goodness. 

The album maybe called ‘Follow You’. Which may just be the most rockin’ track we have ever produced.

Nigel Hendroff came and played with us for this one, and I can say that I have never seen him so excited about recording a song ever! I am sitting here with Gio editing this puppy into pop/rock goodness, but here is a shot earlier of Nigel playing and Gio recording.

Stay tuned for this song, it might just melt your brain!
cipro generic rph wp-image-652″ title=”Hendroff guitars” src=”http://www.davidwakerley.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/photo2-297×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”297″ height=”300″ />


Kidshaper, up a level!

Last week our team flew to Melbourne to the Kidshaper conference.

We took most of the staff, and a bunch of volunteers, about 20 people all up.

There is MUCH that could be said about the week. The fantastic input from Glen cialis viagra sale Berteau, the awesome worship from the Planetshakers band and the team from Citikidz in Brisbane. Being massively inspired by the ever youthful Rob Bradbury who is more passionate about reaching kids for Christ than he ever was!

One of the afternoons we sat down as a team and talked about what we felt God was saying to us and others. I really felt that God is pounding the point into my somewhat slow cranium, that I need to pray, believe and expect for miracles with our kids and powerful encounters with God each service!

It’s not just about teaching the word of God, but it is also His presence!

In a country with very few full time ministers to children I am VERY excited to see over one thousand at a conference like this.

So here’s to next year with the statesman that is Jim WIdeman and daughter Yancy!

Even though I didn’t blog much during the conference, I did twitter a bunch, so check the stream out.

So thanks Rob and Team… and I guess I have to write a book now? 🙂


Apple Store update

So I drove into the city before heading home tonight as people had started queuing for the opening of the Sydney Apple Store from 8:15am this morning. I got there about 9pm… there are about 20 people camping out for the opening of the new store!

I mean, there’s not even a new product coming out, just a store to sell stuff in. Which isn’t to say I am not heading in tomorrow at 5pm for the official opening… but camp out over night!!

cialis generic purchase size-full wp-image-608″ title=”Apple Store frontage.” src=”http://www.davidwakerley.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/img_0177.jpg” alt=”” width=”444″ height=”333″ />

Front of store… lot’s of glass, and apparently second largest in world after London.

Now the iPhone comes out here on July 11, so Apple really has got twice the mileage out of this launch. A bunch of pres for the opening, and then what’s sure to be bunch of press for the iPhone!

Start of the queue, first five have iPhones… (apparently there are 25,000 on the Optus Network already)

More Queue.

SO I reckoned there might be a few thousand here by tomorrow 5pm… and I will be one of them!


Colour Conference

TwitterThis week brings around our annual Colour Conference!

Thousands of women at the Acer Arena for a few days of maximum estrogen.

I love the concept of live blogging (real time commentary), but that kinda only works if you are attending the conference, so I thought I would live blog the experience for the kids we are putting on!

So follow me on twitter if you have it.


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