Written by a Kid – Creative Video Series

You should be watching this creative video YouTube series right now.

And you should also be watching the metamorphosis that YouTube is taking. There are individuals in every corner of the video sharing monolith making their full time incomes from making short creative videos online… what would have taken a production crew and a massive budget, now can take a couple of friends, camera and a laptop.

People like Rhett and Link, who have appeared in Phil Vischers series What’s in the Bible.

And the following episode of Written by a Kid from GeekandSundry.

I love this creative idea – imagine kids stories in animation or live action and create brilliant creative video content.

It doesn’t take too much brainstorming to see how you could do this in your ministry, as always my advice when you are filming is to make sure you get great audio and sound. Don’t even bother making a video if you can’t capture great audio – it’s 50% of any video. In fact if you own a iPhone 4 or 4S you have all the video capabilities you need and I would recommend buying an audio recorder like the Zoom H4N


Create an account on YouTube and take the time to subscribe to some of these great series. You will then be able to get an email every time a new episode is put up online!

I’m sure you could do this in your next creative video for your kids ministry!



I haven’t really used Facebook much recently.

In fact I haven’t twittered much either.

What does this all mean?

Maybe I am going through a mid social media life crisis?

Too much information for too long is giving me info-fatigue?

Is this what non-geeks feel like about the internet?

Can I relate to this guy at all?

Now if you are reading this blog post, I would assume that you are otherwise engaged and interacting online? So have you ever experienced this? Or perhaps you aren’t involved in social media? Your thoughts?


Had An Idea

In this years eXchange film and arts festival at our Hillsong Easter celebrations I entered a film with my partner in crime Funny Man Dan.

Now mostly because of the sobriety and importance of the moment that Easter demands a lot of the films are quite serious in nature. A lot of movie trailer voiceovers and artistic shots of nature and out-of-focus moments of contemplation and earnestness.

So we decided to stick with what we know… ie. irreverence.

Here is my synopsis:

‘Had An Idea’ is a short film produced for the Exchange Festival 2011.

Starring David Wakerley and Dan Lee-Archer as themselves.

“What happens when two motivationally challenged young men attempt to film a movie about making a movie. ‘Had An Idea’ is an angst driven cliché-fest about the pitfalls of filming your own movies.”


Had An Idea: On Vimeo


Makin’ it easier

Google Reader changed the way I interact with information quite a few years ago. I use RSS feeds for probably 70% of my online time. If you don’t know whatthat last sentence means just watch this video:

Google Reader in Plain English

Now I know you want to take this step in your life, so if you would just say this prayer after me…

But really here it is:

1. Visit Google Reader

2. Signup for a google account, if you use gmail or something else you probably already have one.

3. Watch the video again and start adding your favourite websites!


Phone calls are dying

This was a fascinating read.

Clive Thompson on the Death of the Phone Call from Wired Magazine

My phone bills are shrinking. Not, unfortunately, in cost. I mean they’re getting shorter. I recently found an old bill from a decade ago; it was fully 15 pages long, because back then I was making a ton of calls—about 20 long-distance ones a day. Today my bills are a meager two or three pages, at most.

Odds are this has happened to you, too. According to Nielsen, the average number of mobile phone calls we make is dropping every year, after hitting a peak in 2007. And our calls are getting shorter: In 2005 they averaged three minutes in length; now they’re almost half that.

I am not a huge fan of the phone. I think it stems from a prank call that terrified me when I was about 10 or so. But apart from that, they can be hugely distrupting in your day. I agree with the article “These new forms of communication have exposed the fact that the voice call is badly designed. It deserves to die.”

The interesting thing is I do notice myself making less phone calls though as the years tick by.

Good riddance phone calls, you shall not be missed.


iPad thoughts

I do need to write something down about the new iPad… which looks cool but not compelling to me yet…

Here’s the thing:

When I heard about the iPhone I wanted it like Nemo wants his dad because I hated the experience I had with other phones.The iPad hasn’t really whispered sweet nothings in my ear simply because I don’t hate using other computers. I like using my Mac Pro at home and iMac at work.


  1. I am slightly nervous about owning a ‘computer’ like device that has so many limitations on it. With a real Laptop you can install anything you like, mess around under the hood and generally go nuts. I put up with the limitations with the iPhone (only installing apps approved by Apple etc.) because it’s a phone, not a computer.
  2. I want to use it at work and print diflucan prescription drug things access the hard drives and although I am pretty sure those things will appear in the future they remain to be announced.

So I am gonna wait to have a go with it down at the Apple store.


Books I have read

My last post was a love letter to my kindle.

So I thought there should be some fruit from all this love. I have read four books this year already without being on holiday which is pretty good for me.

So here are a few thoughts from a couple of them…

The first book I read was – A Hunger for God (John Piper)

This is my first Piper book I have read and I really loved it. The way he sets out his arguments and solutions really resonated with me and made me want to read more! It reminded me of the passion you have as a young person to do something great for God and how much I never want to loose that passion!

Is fasting Christian? It is if it comes from confidence in Christ and is sustained by the power of Christ and aims at the glory of Christ. Over every Christian fast should be written the words, “I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them but rubbish in order that I may gain Christ” (Philippians 3:7-8).

His Fasting Was Both War and Weapon, Testing and Triumph Now we can see the meaning of Jesus’ fasting more clearly. It was not an arbitrary choice of something to do diflucan generic brand in the face of Satanic temptation. It was a voluntary act of identification with the people of God in their wilderness deprivation and trial

This is the deepest lesson of Jesus’ fasting in the wilderness. It was a weapon in the war against satanic deception because it was a demonstration that Jesus hungered more for God and God’s will than he did for God’s wonders.

it is possible to do extraordinary fasting and yet not humble ourselves, pray, seek God, and turn from wickedness.

Another book I have been wanting to read for a while is Flickering Pixels: How Technology Shapes Your Faith (Shane Hipps)

This really help form ideas in my brain about exactly the media around is shaping our thinking and especially the minds of our kids.

When we fail to perceive that the things we create are extensions of ourselves, the created things take on god-like characteristics and we become their servants.

We must remember that the Bible is not merely—or even primarily—a collection of objective propositions. It is a grand story told through hundreds of different perspectives and diverse social settings. The message is multilayered, textured, expansive, and complex.

The point is that our theology and practice are deeply informed and shaped by our media and technology. We become what we behold.

Our age has seen the disappearance of childhood.

If God’s chosen medium for his message was the person of Jesus Christ, and the church is the body of Christ, that means God has chosen the church to extend his revelation in a special way. The church exists to embody and proclaim the good news of God’s kingdom. If the medium is the message, the message of the gospel is conveyed by the medium of the church’s life in the world.

The great thing is I simply pasted these snippets from a file on the kindle. They were all highlighted as I read the book, saving all the thoughts that jumped out at me!


Ode to a Kindle

For Christmas I got a Kindle.

I stopped buying CD’s a few years ago and really don’t ever want another plastic jewel case filling up my humble abode ever again. Alongside books they were one of the most annoying items of household stuff to move from old place of residence to new place of residence.

I spent thousands of dollars on CD’s over the years and I am old enough to have bought tapes. But since getting an iPod and Apple TV I have been slowly disposing of my collection as I have gone completely digital. That isn’t to say that I am one hundred percent happy. iTunes does not put enough information into it’s track listings. I like to read who the musicians, the producers, where the albums was recorded and lots of extra info that satisfies my insatiable geeky knowledge requirements.

Turning my book collection digital wasn’t a realistic option I thought – maybe it was the admiring looks that people give when you have a book shelf full of books. It says something about you when statistics suggest 42 percent of college graduates never read another book after college.

Maybe it comes from films… every really clever genius in the movies always has a library stocked full of thick tomes about history and architecture and entomology.

Maybe it was because I never had a TV in the house until I was 12 years old that fuelled my love of books and surprisingly… TV (making up for lost time I guess).

Well something has changed.

I used to have to order books from local book stores and wait weeks for delivery diflucan drug prescription because the somewhat obscure titles I like to imbibe were not always readily available in quaint Australia… and  by upon receiving them my passion for the topic may have waned and it will sit on a shelf for awhile waiting for such a time as… whenever.

I used to have to spend an inordinate amount of time finding stats/quotes/research that I just knew were around there somewhere if I could only just find them…

I used to love the smell and feel of a new book…

I now no longer want to buy another hardback, paperback, magazine, physical type book for the rest of my life.

The book store browsing is over, my book store is in my Amazon wish list. Every book I am remotely interested to read is on that list, and should at some point make it’s way to my Kindle.

I only just last week decided not to buy a book simply because it wasn’t available in digital form. I wrote an email to the publisher explaining why this is not a good business decision.

If I like a quote, or read a great statistic… I push a button and it saves it for me in a clippings file that I can search later.

If I want to read a book, it will most likely be available to read in 30 seconds from any where in cell phone coverage (and if not, probably by the end of 2010 – my prediction… listen up publishers).

I will have to live without the admiring envious glances at my collection of books as one day soon they will all be given away to new homes.

P.S. ALTHOUGH I need to point out this… books will never go away. They will always have a place. Perhaps one day in 2047 I shall sit down with my grand kids and pull out a magnificent illustrated hardback copy of the Chronicles of Narnia, and before I get to read a word they will marvel, and ask of me… “What were the dinosaurs like Grandfather?”

P.P.S. This Christmas was the first time that Amazon sold more digital books than physical books.