19 of the Most Extreme Reactions to the VeggieTales Redesign

It’s great to have fans. Fans are passionate and care about what you are doing. VeggieTales has legions of fans all over the world that have been watching the series for over 20 years.

But recently Big Idea, the owners of Bob and Larry have created a new series to be shown on Netflix – and redesigned the characters for the show. It’s a reboot for the franchise and a chance to reach a new generation of kids.

But what no one expected was the extreme level of reaction sparked off online, especially on Facebook. There is even a Don’t Change VeggieTales page!

To their credit Big Idea probably loves the attention in some way. The phrase “there is no such thing as bad publicity” probably applies here. Hundreds of comments for each post, and lots of shares around the Facebook world can’t be bad. Now you and I probably have to deal with potentially letting down millions of fans, but in our ministries the people who speak up both negatively and positively are the people who care, and in our world of distraction and abundance we need people to care.

So I present to you 19 of the most extreme reactions to the VeggieTales redesign:

1. Patti thinks that the Veggies have gone all commercial:


2. The Veggies has alienated their entire fan base! It’s the beginning of the end:


3. The fans are getting brushed off! Oh and the eyes are demon-possessed!


4. More possession from Ben:


5. Now Juniors voice is digesting??? Digesting what… a cheeseburger?


6. And now they’re stoned!


7. Wait, Larry wants you to get plastic surgery?


8. Yep, plastic surgery… oh and Larry is now sexy:


9. Edwin wants the haters to stop! Evil is in the air:


10. Horrible says Hannah and scary… true, have you even tasted a brussels sprout!


11. It takes two to stare Karen… now you are feeling sleepy…. zzzzzzz


12. It’s getting serious, a boycott is happening! By an adult… of a kids program?


13. Howard will pay your redundancy pay for six months…


14. Christian finds them obnoxious and ugly… FACT!


15. Look out Larry is on a Bender… tomato juice? (also Moose Lake? Activism?)


16. Bloody murder – loud noises – screaming!


17. Boo! Jenna is having bad dreams!


18. Howard is back – this children’s cartoon should not be shown to kids!


19. Let’s leave Justin running terror!


After all that excitement:

Let’s leave the last word to Phil Vischer, the creator of these nightmares 🙂



Okay… one more.



Is it a dusk or a dawn?

When people write about puppets in ministry the article title will be a variation on this; “Puppets – why we use them”. 

When you write ‘why’ in the title of an article you are doing it for a couple of reasons – either explaining a brand new concept or method to an audience, OR explaining just why a certain idea is still relevant when it seems to be declining.

I love the muppets. But even in their franchise ‘reboot’ movie in 2011 they had to prove themselves that puppets could still be funny.

Spend your energy on the new dawning idea rather than the idea in the twilight of it’s life.

P.S. I cried from overwhelming waves of nostalgia about 14 separate times in the Muppet movie. I like my puppeteers like I like my parents – they were around for my childhood.


I Like His Punchline

Ran into this little gem online.

It kinda sums up corners of the internet that claim a monopoly on truth.

There is barely a reason for me to comment on intrigue and controversy in the Church/ministry world being a #kidmin blog, but also because I have any personal relationship with those involved… put it this way, there is usually 50 reasons not to post and only a few reasons to write something. Those numbers need to reverse for that to be validated.

I present Emo Philips:

Emo Phillips


If I was a commentator…

I would probably commentate like this…

One of my proudest sporting achievements (off the field of course… my on-field prowess is extensive and filled with trophies and awards that litter my imagination), is explaining a rather obscure rule of Rugby to an otherwise very knowledgable sporty friend.

(The rule was that drop kicks were only used after an unconverted try to restart the game. Note, the rule has now changed to drop kicks can be used all the time and with it my knowledge of Rugby.)

Enjoy British people commentating NBA.


4 Kids Ministry Veterans

This year at Kidshaper conference, I teamed up with Funny Man Dan, Squirt the Clown and Dylan Hesp to create ‘4 Kids Ministry Veterans’, a sketch heavily influenced by Monty Python.

It involved all of us learning a script for a live performance! Which may seem simple, but this was the first time we had stuck to such a precise format. 🙂

But it was a great exercise and I think a blessing to the kids pastors at this great conference!

4 Kids Ministry Veretans


Escaping from Church

I’m sure you have had kids in your Church who don’t really enjoy themselves from time to time, well it probably didn’t get this bad.

TurboDally posted this news report over the weekend about a seven year who hated church so much, he did just that, stealing his dad’s Dodge. Police were called when a witness saw the kid driving through a stop sign.


Hillsong Kids Goat Edition!

A little fun for a Sunday Evening, we made a quick Goat edition of one of our Hillsong Kids songs – Get up and dance.

To fully understand the meme, then check out yelling goat

There were a bunch of videos getting uploaded online featuring goats singing along with songs, so because I kinda think we missed the Harlem Shake boat I thought we could get in a quick yelling goat song!


Conversations in Kids Ministry

At this years Kidshaper conference myself and my partner in crime Funny Man Dan created a special moment to parody the conversations that might happen in the life of ministers to children.

It was a blast creating this moment with Dan and took a little time to rehearse, but it was totally worth it to bring something special to every single person serving the kids of their Church!

Thanks to Andy Kirk at Kids R Us who put this up on their YouTube account you can enjoy the fruits of our labour! I hope it blesses you, I think you will be surprised at the end 🙂



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Baby Plank

For those of you who know what planking is, the following image will create great amounts of external laughter and much merriment. For those of you who don’t then probably move on before you get sucked into a void of internet nonsensry and start looking at pages like this, or this, or find out what it is here.

Thank you small baby child for making my day 🙂