The 2014 Top Kidmin Blog Post

As I get older (and grumpier), I find my the voices that I am listening to (not the ones in my head)… whether about leadership or the Bible, ministry or culture shrink a little. I am still on the hunt for fresh insight and perspective for sure, but especially last year I noticed the kidmin blogging world stayed pretty steady with the tried and true writers.

So this is not a top ten list but I just wanted to highlight a post that I think was the most helpful, insightful and reflected a blogger who has a lot to offer our little community of ministry leaders!

But before we get there here are three runners up:

Does the church still matter? from Sam Luce

Doing what only I can do from Kenny Conley

Rebranding our Kidmin also from Kenny Conley

It feels like Dale Hudson has a team of excellent researchers and writers working on his blog with the amount of engaging content and spot-on culturally relevant posts he writes. I read this post and it really helped confirm a focus that we have at our Church, but also cause me to want to double down on our efforts to see kids leading  in every area of our ministry. It’s not a deep theological discussion, it’s not even a new idea, it’s simply one of the most important things we can be doing as ministers.

The 2014 top kidmin blog post of the year is…



  1. says

    Humbled to be part of the shrinking number of voices in your head Dave. Thanks for all you do my friend. You and your wife are legends the Luce family are huge fans. Tell Brooklyn I am working on my Infinity skills for the next time we shall meet again.

  2. Dale Hudson says

    Thanks for the shout out. We just finished up the “Faith, Hope, Love” series from your ministry and it made a big impact on our kids. Appreciate your friendship and ministry.

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