19 of the Most Extreme Reactions to the VeggieTales Redesign

It’s great to have fans. Fans are passionate and care about what you are doing. VeggieTales has legions of fans all over the world that have been watching the series for over 20 years.

But recently Big Idea, the owners of Bob and Larry have created a new series to be shown on Netflix – and redesigned the characters for the show. It’s a reboot for the franchise and a chance to reach a new generation of kids.

But what no one expected was the extreme level of reaction sparked off online, especially on Facebook. There is even a Don’t Change VeggieTales page!

To their credit Big Idea probably loves the attention in some way. The phrase “there is no such thing as bad publicity” probably applies here. Hundreds of comments for each post, and lots of shares around the Facebook world can’t be bad. Now you and I probably have to deal with potentially letting down millions of fans, but in our ministries the people who speak up both negatively and positively are the people who care, and in our world of distraction and abundance we need people to care.

So I present to you 19 of the most extreme reactions to the VeggieTales redesign:

1. Patti thinks that the Veggies have gone all commercial:


2. The Veggies has alienated their entire fan base! It’s the beginning of the end:


3. The fans are getting brushed off! Oh and the eyes are demon-possessed!


4. More possession from Ben:


5. Now Juniors voice is digesting??? Digesting what… a cheeseburger?


6. And now they’re stoned!


7. Wait, Larry wants you to get plastic surgery?


8. Yep, plastic surgery… oh and Larry is now sexy:


9. Edwin wants the haters to stop! Evil is in the air:


10. Horrible says Hannah and scary… true, have you even tasted a brussels sprout!


11. It takes two to stare Karen… now you are feeling sleepy…. zzzzzzz


12. It’s getting serious, a boycott is happening! By an adult… of a kids program?


13. Howard will pay your redundancy pay for six months…


14. Christian finds them obnoxious and ugly… FACT!


15. Look out Larry is on a Bender… tomato juice? (also Moose Lake? Activism?)


16. Bloody murder – loud noises – screaming!


17. Boo! Jenna is having bad dreams!


18. Howard is back – this children’s cartoon should not be shown to kids!


19. Let’s leave Justin running terror!


After all that excitement:

Let’s leave the last word to Phil Vischer, the creator of these nightmares 🙂



Okay… one more.



  1. says

    You are just so right. First Teen Titans, then Powerpuff Girls, now this.

    I wish Uncle Grandpa could just come over and morph it back to its originality…

  2. Justin says

    I guess I’m in the minority here but I like the redesign, though I will say it feels a little like they “borrowed” from some of the animation work from ‘Inside Out’. All in all great work, and I hope that it helps drum up some fresh interest!

  3. Jeannette says

    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revert back to original designs, please, I am begging you! P.S. Only with the original designs, but could you use more of the veggietones? but only with the original designs are restored.

  4. Scott says

    I absolutely hate the changes done to Veggetales. The eyes and the color scheme is horrible and that’s being nice about it. ALL the kids I have come in contact with loath the new look. Not one and I do mean NOT ONE kid I was able to find liked the new look or the eyes. Even my wife booed the tv screen. Massive kids at my friends school have boycotted watching this kids show. Parents and kids alike are refusing to buy any of the new DVDs. This is an epic fail…fix this mess Bigidea. If you do not fix this then you better change your name to Bankruptidea.

  5. says

    I… sorta agree…

    I am a Christian and I have autism, and I think these looks are VERY unpleasant. I mean, one of the girl plants looks like a teen. Why dafuq do modern kid show creators think the world revolves around teens and screens? They are FINE the way they are?

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