The worst word in kidmin

I present to you, fair reader, the worst word in kidmin:


Doesn’t that just scream fun! Tell me more! I’m in! Yay!

It’s that thing that you hand out to the kids to reinforce the theme/topic you are discovering. It’s that thing the kids do during their small group time, it’s that thing that I just can’t stop calling a ‘worksheet’.

It causes me pain, but I haven’t found a suitable replacement.

What do you call them?


  1. says


    I love these posts!! Just like the word “Sunday School” HAHA.

    We call them “Chat Sheets” – because the point in doing them is to chat about it afterwards (or while they do it). Hence the reason for small group/life groups/chat group/radical discipleship group/cell groups (ok on….NEVER a CELL group….we aren’t training up mini terrorists).

    Anyways…have a legend week. Thank you for being a crazy creative children’s church champion!

    • says

      I usually rant about Sunday School so I felt it was time for a new object of disdain… hence the new champion “Worksheet” 🙂

      True on the Cell group thing as well!

      Love your work Ryan!

  2. Kylie says

    We say “hey it’s time to head to the back craft tables” and just leave them in crazy anticipation of what they might find there.
    PS, I like “chat sheets” a lot
    PPS lol@cell groups- mini terrorists 😉

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