N&B – Missions

This is one post in a series called Nuts and Bolts, single concise thoughts on some of the topics that make up life ministering to children in a local Church.

Nuts & Bolts – MISSIONS

I grew hearing that word in Church life often. My family were almost missionaries when I was growing up and our Church supported missionaries all over the place.

I guess it all comes back to the ‘uttermost ends of the earth’ portion from the great commission right? What ever your Church or greater body are into to make that happen would qualify as your missions.

  • If you plant Churches, get your kids learning about how to do that.
  • If you support missionaries then get your kids supporting them.
  • If you support sponsor children (World Vision/Compassion) do it!

But whatever you do don’t separate it out as a ‘side project’, bring it right into the centre of the Christian community and life.

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