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N&B – Preteen

This is one in a series called Nuts and Bolts, single concise thoughts on some of the topics that make up life ministering to children in a local Church.

Nuts & Bolts – PRETEEN

The single best thing we have ever started as Hillsong Kids is a preteen specific ministry.

Not enough could be said about just how effective this can be for a Church… any Church.

Your 10-12 year olds are in a massive transition phase, hormones are just around the corner, high school is getting closer and they are about to select any number of tribes to be a part of.

(Tribes are divided by musical taste, sports ability/affiliation, geek* tendencies, gaming console choice, parental dress choice etc.)

So at the maximum, start a fully fledged ministry.

At a minimum:

  • Create a leadership program
  • Have a separate space for small groups
  • Create a logo
  • Have a different style name tag (or whatever you have for kids)
  • Gather all that demographic at least once before school ends
  • Use texting, email, something, anything to communicate extra to them (through their parents if need be)

Note: Don’t do anything on Facebook for preteens (they are under Facebooks 13 year old policy), and never friend a preteen on Facebook!

*Geek is a perfectly awesome tribe. They pretty much make all the money (Thanks Steve Jobs and Bill Gates).


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    Right on. Barna said we have pretty much formed our life moral compass by the age of 12, so this age group is crucial. I even heard that most of us first discovered our life passions and vocations right around ages 10, 11, and 12 (I did)

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