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This is one in a series called Nuts and Bolts, single concise thoughts on some of the topics that make up life ministering to children in a local Church.

Nuts & Bolts – DISCIPLINE

Are your children’s ministry rooms making your kids misbehave?

Well, they may not be helping.

Discipline problems start with the physical space the kids are in. If you wait to deal with behaviour management problems during your weekend services you are too late.

You probably know the kids you are going to have to spend a little ‘extra attention’ with this weekend. So here is your check list to help you.

1. Pray – it’s amazing what a difference a prayer can make.

2. Assess your rooms before the weekend. What distracts your special little one? Remove it. Be brutal and leave no stone unturned. If its an xbox then have a xbox free Sunday…

3. Talk to them when they arrive. Not a warning talk… stop it! Ask them how their week was and tell them how glad they are at Church to learn about God. Tell them you would like their help, but you’re not sure if they are up for it. Get ‘em to help out! (Yes even preschoolers).

4. if all else fails try this:

Instruct all your group that you would really appreciate their respect and attention, if they are not willing to do that there are two great leaders in the room (male and female) who would love to hold their hand for the rest of the service (works great for boys who can not yet comprehend holding a girls hand this side of puberty).

P.S. – Calling your rooms ‘classrooms’ isn’t helping.

P.P.S. – Seriously, kids are in classrooms five days a week, do they need another reminder of school?

P.P.P.S. – Let’s just call Church ‘the office’, then you could spend another day being reminded of work.

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