Napkin Primer Pt 2

DISCLAIMER: This is written on an iPhone app and may not be fully good English.

In a few short days time I will be in Vegas at the Napkin Conference at the Church at South Las Vegas. My whole family will be there and I am excited to meet anyone coming along especially blog readers.

This post is part two of three introducing the ideas I would like to talk about at napkin, a sort of primer, pre conference exchange of thoughts. Also make sure if you aren’t coming and you can get yourself there, make it happen!


In the old testament Moses’ father in law seemingly organized the whole Israelite nation in a single meeting. Telling Moses to find leaders over 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s and therefore save his sanity.

Tick the efficiency box and move on to the next task?

Well Moses just found himself a new job, overseeing a bunch of leaders.

What the bible doesn’t go into just how Moses kept the system going over the following years. How did he grow the structure over the coming years? Did he fire any of his new leaders? Who got promotions?

However it worked, it was probably a little messy. He was figuring it out as he went along and I’ll bet his father in law had more to say to him!

The 700 word magazine articles you read about teams and leadership can make teams and leadership seem a clean and tidy affair. But the day to day reality is messy. There are decisions to be made and the greatest structural leadership flow chart, venn diagram, PowerPoint presentation is an ideal not a constant reality.

Have an ideal, but roll with the unexpected!

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