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Napkin primer pt. 1

DISCLAIMER: This is written on an iPhone app and may not be fully good English.

In a few short days time I will be in Vegas at the Napkin Conference at the Church at South Las Vegas. My whole family will be there and I am excited to meet anyone coming along especially blog readers.

This post is part one of three introducing the ideas I would like to talk about at napkin, a sort of primer, pre conference exchange of thoughts. Also make sure if you aren’t coming and you can get yourself there, make it happen!

The Crumpled Napkin of Creative Leadership.

The bible uses some amazing words when describing the local church. It paints a picture of the community of faith being a body, a bride, a building. The house of God is glorious and splendid and magnificent. The people of God are welcoming and giving and selfless.

Now some of these words may be in your churches mission statement but are they to be found during weekend services?

That feeling when you visit another church and walk away feeling inadequate after inevitable comparisons? It happens to everyone!

I mean everyone.

The kids pastor with the most rocking facilities become discouraged just as easily as the rented school church pastor.

Familiarity blinds us to what we have.

Don’t ever stop using those words to inspire and encourage. The bride of Christ is beautiful and magnificent, friend to the friendless and home for every heart!



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    Good stuff, David! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs and connecting with you at #Napkin2012 – Joshua K. Carpenter, animatedKIDZ – ‘Entertainment Your Family Can Trust’

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