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Gold Tights, Backing Tracks & Pepsi Max

It’s time for a random yet related fact.

So think about how many individual images go to make up a Pixar movie… the average frame (a movie has 24 frames per second) takes about seven hours to render, although some can take nearly 39 hours of computing time. (Source: Wired Mag)

P.S. Rendering definition here.

Finish of random but related fact.

We are creating our latest Hillsong Kids Big curriculum of which the media we produce is a very important part…

Why… In our culture because of the proliferation of media it is used to segregate and divide (you are defined by the music you like and the TV you watch – Hip Hop, Emo, Country, Pop, Beiber have their ‘tribes’). Having all your kids watch the same media at church is a small step in the effort to unite and build community.

So that’s why I’m wearing gold tights, drinking Pepsi Max and spending untold hours filming a ‘Christmas Story’.

It’s worth it.

For approx 35 minutes of video:

  • Pre production: (Writing scripts/Recording songs): about 100 Hours
  • Filming: 31 Hours
Total of 131 Hours so far without the editing even started breaks down to 3.75 hours per minute of footage of personal work for myself…
It’s worth it.


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    I love it! Can’t wait to see the video. You’re right though about shared experiences bringing people together. Not to mention the fact that media is the absolute most powerful way (and the most familiar way) that kids learn. Thanks for all your creativity!

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