Happy Birthday

This blog space is sacred.

I mean, I spend hours pouring over exactly the wording and content of every single post just to make sure I honour the platform and influence that this little corner of the internet has given me.

37 readers, plus my Mum is not to be sneezed at.

So to use this blog to say a big Happy Birthday to someone should be considered an honour of such magnitude that it would make grown men weep, ladies swoon at the knees and grandfathers pin the medals of their youth on this blog post in gratitude and awe.

Happy Birthday Funny Man Dan.

He turns a year older today (not unusual an occurrence obviously), a year wiser (slightly more unusual) and a kilogram heavier (one can only assume upon imagining the food he will be consuming).

But to be serious for a moment:

  • There is not a man on earth I would trust more to bring laughter to kids
  • There is no greater writing partner of  scripts that connect with kids
  • I have have seen no greater transformation from ‘crusty student bachelor man’ to responsible, loving husband/father
  • He’s a man that goes above and beyond to ensure everyone feels included
  • A man who’s revelation of Jesus guides everything he does
  • A husband who makes the special celebrations very special (leaving approximately 3 days in the year that are normal)
  • A father that puts the well being of his wife and kids (one still womb bound) a top priority
So in short you all wish you had a Funny Man Dan in your life but you will have to find your own.
Love and kisses Daniel!


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