The A-Z Recap

Almost a month ago I began an epic quest – to write a complete A-Z of Children’s Ministry.

I started at A (funny that) for Adults and finished with Z for Zeta. Along the way I hope that I was able to surprise you and make you think about the world of ministry to children.

If you have enjoyed it or found it insightful or even remotely helpful then please push the retweet button on the side of this post, or the facebook ‘like’ button at the bottom. Feel free to blog about it, tell your neighbours and your enemies, which of course you don’t, for you love all humanity and would want them to read this blog.

Here is the complete list with links:

Now this was the most epic mission I have attempted on this blog since starting in 2004, so in order to make me think it was worth it, please write your adoring comments below. Even if you post a simple, “Dave you’re the greatest” I won’t mind.

But feel free to write a long discorse on just how much this blog series has impacted your life and caused your Church to double in size because of all the kids in your children’s ministry.

But really, I hope it has been helpful to you, I know that I have learnt a lot putting these ideas to paper (digital paper).


  1. says

    Dave epic serise of posts. Thanks what I enjoyed most was a refuel dose of your insight normally we have to wait to long between posts. Great post great wisdom, love how you always focus on the local church. Your a legend Dave!

    Oh, I almost forgot my bald uncle’s hair started miraculously growing back in the past 26 days. Crazy? You tell me.

  2. says

    Hi Dave, I totally loving this series and am sharing it with our kids team, whilst we didn’t double our kids (yet) we did have 5 kids decide to give their lives to Jesus which was awesome, which leaves just one question, are you gonna put your A-Z into a book which you could equip leaders with? I could always help you out with a few puns if you’re struggling. Fat Nisher

  3. Chello says

    Hey Dave,
    Just discovered your blog after Kidshaper last week and enjoyed the trip through the alphabet … it kept me entertained when I was avoiding doing assignments – YAY!! Not just that gave me some great ideas for my kids ministry assignment!
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Cha says

    Definitely a great read and as you said yourself, a great way to keep the blog alive with something everyday. Although I seriously thought the 26 days went fast and it felt like there were lots of posts over fewer days. Which is a good thing 🙂

    Thanks again and a down loadable book would be AWESOME!

    Great to meet you in person at KS too (that’s Kidshaper, not KidSong ;-P)

  5. says

    As I read the original concept, I confess to a bit of skepticism about how to get something from every letter of the alphabet. Now that you’re at the end, I have to say that, even if you were not the greatest, you are at least amazing. Thanks for building into our lives and ministries.

  6. says


    Love your comments and thoughts. You did it, man you put together the A-Z of Children’s Ministry. Don’t your guys have DivorceCare for Kids (www.dc4k.org) at your church?

    I’m the person that developed DC4K and it’s good to connect with you. Hope all is well with your DC4K Safe Keepers and many children of divorce are finding healing in the arms of Christ through your ministry.

    If I have mistaken you for another church in your part of the woods and you don’t have DC4K, please email me. Let’s talk.

    Linda Ranson Jacobs


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