I didn’t want to hear that

There are a number of phrases you don’t want to hear as a leader. I heard one of them last weekend.

“My friend put in a new leaders application and she hasn’t heard anything”.


If there is one thing you want to get right is making a process of becoming one of our team easy. One of your goals as a leader is too eliminate these utterances through a process known as communication — Don’t say much, but say it often!

Some other deadly sentences include, but are not limited to:

“No I didn’t get into a service this weekend, dilantin price I just served”

“But this has been happening for ages”

“I didn’t have my team leaders phone number”

“My tee-shirt is in the wash”

“There was a team meeting this week?”

“Yes there was a lot of blood, but it didn’t look too serious” (okay, that one has never happened to me)

Are there any phrases you don’t like to hear as a leader?


  1. says

    “Don’t worry, I’ve dropped tons of kids before and they all turned out fine.”

    “No that’s not my mother, it’s my wife!”

    “Sharpie’s will wash out of Easter dresses, right?”

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