Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas

Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas

I discovered a few months ago exactly why Yancy has a website called Yancynotnancy, on a number of occasions as she was introduced to well meaning people down here in Australia, this would happen (or something close to this):

Introducer: Hey [insert name], this is Yancy.

Yancy: Hi there!

Person: Hi… Nancy?

Yancy: No… Yancy…

Person: Nancy?

Yancy: No… Yancy… with a Y.

Person: Y’Nancy?

Yancy: (a sigh as she quietly dies a little more inside) Yeah… you got it.

Anyway, she has a new album out, and what timing she has for it’s a CHRISTMAS album!

Have a Fancy Yancy Christmas is available on good old fashioned diamox prescription CD at Amazon, her website, and Itunes.

I have a bunch of Christmas albums that are on heavy rotation during the Christmas season… some Harry Connick Jr., Destiny’s Child, Israel Houghton and Vince Guaraldi…

Yancy joins that esteemed alumni on my iTunes playlist and fits in just fine! The production on this album is absolutely top notch, great programming and brilliant guitar work. We will be using this in our mix for our December services in Hillsong Kids for sure! And as I have mentioned before on this blog it’s great to see music (especially kids music) coming from Artists not just compilations from big music labels.

Dave out.



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