Top Ten

A few #kidmin people have done Top Ten lists in the past few weeks.

I wanna do one too.

Not sure what kind of list to do though…

Thinks to himself… ‘if I want reader participation I should offer them an incentive’…

Okay, if you write a comment/suggestion of the top ten list I should daily cialis prescription do and I do it. Then you will win a copy of our new, yet to be released kids album. Hillsong Kids Ultimate Collection.

Of course it hasn’t been released yet so I of course be sending it to you after that takes place.


  1. says

    Top Ten equally edifying and demeaning comments I’ve ever left on blog posts? 🙂

    Just kidding. Since you are giving away a music resource, How about top ten resources for good kids worship music?


    Top ten trends in children’s ministry?

    Top ten biggest mistakes you can make in Children’s Ministry?

    Ten things every kid should know about Jesus?

    Top ten posts from your blog (bring back some of the classics – I’ve read them!)

  2. says

    Top ten ideas that didn’t make the cut. I think that would be an awesome idea especially from someone like you.

    It would also give us a peek into your creative processes!!

  3. says

    The Top 10 lyrics that shouldn’t be in kid’s music.

    I mean come on. You guys are the music pros. What wouldn’t you put into a song or things that are currently in songs that you really don’t like.

    Of course you could do the opposite but that wouldn’t be as much fun I don’t think.

  4. JavaJ says

    I would love to se a top 10 list on video resources for Kids Worship. I am using al lthe Hillsong Kid’s MPEG backing tracks- and have found limited resources out there (like Uncle Charlie, one from Yancy, a couple of Integrity releases). I use backing vids for our Kids Worship and would love to see more resources in that area (as anyone with a projector and a simple sound setup can do what you do with Hillsong Kids- which would be awesome!)

  5. says

    Top ten funniest things FMD and Nath have said.

    Top Ten things every kids pastor needs to do his/her first year in kidmin

    Top Ten things you do to create an exciting volunteer environment (brother Jim, has been raving about your culture of ownership and dedication in your volunteers)

    10 biggest mistakes you have made and what they taught you

    Top ten reasons sam luce is pumped to meet you and nath and napkin….. wait I think I just gave myself an idea.

  6. Fat Nisher says

    The top ten puns as assimilated by fat nisher!!
    the top ten websites that you wish you found this time last year because if you had found them this time last year your life would be all the better right now for finding it this time last year

    the top ten excuses for coming to visit / impart your leadership to the C7 kids team!!!! ( i could help you out with this one)

  7. JavaJ says

    Dave, I just realized that you will be giving out a Hillsong Kids Ultimate collection- does this mean that there will be no new recording from KidsFest that just past?

  8. says

    Ok. Time to roll up my sleves my friend.

    The top 10 things that came in number 11 in previous top ten’s. What are the things that just missed out?

    You can just hand me my prize, it will save you the postage.

    Have Fun



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