Oh Yeah, Balance.

BalanceI am heavily indebted to Rags and his post – How Leaders Should Spend Their Time

And by indebted I mean I am simply ripping him off and reposting it.

I am going to talk to our team about this and do a little bit of self-checking in this area… becuase owing to the current season I am getting a lot of ‘doing’ done. (Ha… doing done, I crack me up)

The cymbalta on-line prescriptions leader should spend their time:

  • 1/3 Reflecting – The leader do the necessary reflection, thinking, reading, learning and planning
  • 1/3 Doing – The leader do the laborious work of doing after planning
  • 1/3 Developing – The leader spends time training and developing others

Anyway, have a look at your life and evaluate your balance!


  1. says

    I am proud of you Dave.

    You have gone from saying the lie of “this is inspired by someone elses work” to telling the thruth by saying you have ripped it off.

    Great blog my friend.

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