Why Use Media?

I would love to highlight one of the main reasons we use media with our kids during weekend services.

When I grew up in New Zealand there were only two TV channels, the appropriately named One and Two, so my friends and I watched the same TV programs:

Macgyver and Knight Rider

(I cried when Kitt ended up in the acid pool and they had to remake him. Episode 314 Junk Yard Dog).

It united us as kids and has given us a common language and reference.

This has all changed with the stunning width and breadth of media available today. Our media choices are used to differentiate and separate us into tribes/groups. Are you an emo kid, do you like Hip/Hop, or are you a fan of [insert pop princess of the moment]?

One of the many reasons we use media in our services is to create a shared experience.

No matter which campus I go to, which of our extension services I attend there will be children who I share a common language with… not about just Disney or Nickelodeon but with our crestor online target=”_blank”>curriculum and the Big Message videos. We could talk about Funny Man Dan and his latest exploits or some song they saw last week and as the media is created to point towards our theme and (hopefully) toward Jesus the relevance to their lives should immediately obvious.

And just like today as the mist of time clouds my eyes as I think about Macgyver diffusing a bomb with a toothpick, or Michael Knight foiling an international plot I hope that our kids today will remember with fondness and hopefully understanding what they experienced as a child.

(This may turn into a series methinks)


  1. Jeff Hawkins says

    Well put! It’s hard to explain to people sometimes why we “watch tv in church”, but the videos are so valuable to our kids. They facebook and talk all week about the video adventures from Sunday morning, and it really builds common threads

  2. Cha Cullen says

    Hi Dave,
    Great post! I look fwd to more of them in a series. I just saw this today which has some relevence to your discussion but might also pop up in later series if you do that 🙂


    Technology is EVERYWHERE!

    Oh and Macguyver and Knightrider were my favs as a kid! And who can forget the A Team?

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