Earn your position

You can lead without a position. In fact position can take you away from leadership as responsibility grows.

Remarkable Leadership by Kevin Eikenberry presents a number of qualities that remarkable leaders must have. They…

  • Learn continually
  • Champion change
  • Communicate powerfully
  • Build relationships
  • Develop others
  • Focus on customers
  • Influence with impact
  • Act innovatively
  • Value collaboration and teamwork
  • Solve problems and make decisions
  • Take responsibility and have accountability
  • Manage projects and processes successfully
  • Set goals and support goal achievement

To be a great coumadin medicarerx prices leader play up your  strengths and work on your weaknesses.

Earn the right to the position. You will probably be given a position before you have earnt it (even if you think you deserve it).


  1. says

    David, great point! Reminded me of the last person I hired. I’m always looking at people. I never hire someone unless I know they’ve earned it. Our awesome “Ministry Partner Relations Coordinator” earned her job before she even knew I was looking. Great post!



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