Viva Las Vegas

I really tried to think of something clever to title this post with, but all that came to mind was that above… I apologise and promise that it won’t happen again for at least a week.

I am excted though about coming to the big ole US and speaking at the Napkin Conference in Las Vegas Feb 2010.

I met compare zocor prices target=”_blank”>Justyn Smith last year whe he came over with his Pastor Benny Perez who was speaking at Church. Benny is just one of those leaders who just has miracles follow him around and he spoke a great message to our Church. One of the miracles following him was Justyn who I met briefly and connected with as a young dude excited about reaching kids for Christ!

So I am truly honoured to come and be a part of this conference and already feel like God is putting a message in my heart for y’all.

So please come along and bring your team I would love to meet as many bloggers/twitterers as I can.

C Ya in Vegas Baby!


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    Very excited for the Conference. Really looking forward to meeting you and whoever wins the fistfight between Nath and FMD.

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    this is great information.. love the idea, location, speakers.. who knows.. maybe flamingo road church kids can be there!! whoo hoo!

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