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It’s Time

Under increasing international pressure and a well funded lobby group I need to tell you about one of the greatest new compare price metformin blogs online.

You may know Funny Man Dan from our Hillsong Kids DVD’s and as the HipHopAPotamus in Love Never Fails.

The fact is he is also a brilliant writer and a great friend who I have watched impact the lives of so many young people over the years.

So you need to read The Thursday Blog. Yep, he writes once a week on a Thursday.

Please stop by and leave a comment… he is completely obsessed with stats (like most new bloggers) so send some friends. 🙂


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    Dave I applaud you, putting your reputation on the line for a man such as Dan.
    Today is truly a wonderful day. I told my 4 year old son of the magnanimous gesture a tear came to his eye (Big FMD fan). Thank you Dave, you are a good man, consider the proverbial international dogs called off.

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