What can ya drop?

Have you ever dropped some dreams?

Maybe you realised that you didn’t want them as bad as you thought?

I started dropping a few as I approached 30. Albeit they were things that I had wanted since I was young enough to watch Fraggle Rock and Macgyver on TV… like being an international spy or living in a tree house.

But a few of them I consciously let go.

Like becoming a world renowned Jazz musician (I have a Diploma in Jazz performance from Christchurch Institute of Technology). It just would be too much of a departure from where my life has headed and even though I get to use my musical gifts a LOT, it just ain’t gonna happen. And to tell the truth I don’t want it that bad any more.

But I hope that in your life that there are NO dreams that you have simply given up on because they look out of reach and impossible. claritin price comparisons If you still want it deep down then never give up on it!

So as I hit 31 years old today <nudge nudge — 4 Jan –> and feel slightly reflective and a little disturbed at the grey in my rather scraggly beard here is David Wakerley signing off and tremendously blessed that God has given me so many of the dreams in my heart I had to get new ones!

Happy Birthday.

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