What’s Up With Mum and Dad

In 2001 my Dad began his first journey to India that would set in motion the journey towards establishing the Children’s Home in Bhachau…

On January 26, 2001, a large earthquake, registering 7.9 on the Richter Scale, devastated the area of Gujarat, northwest India. Five year old Rukshana emerged from the rubble an orphan. Her mother had been killed a week before in an electrical accident; her father was crushed in the rubble of their house. A photo of Rukshana, with a bandage over one eye, featured in the March edition of World Vision’s Impact magazine last year. Her image haunted many New Zealanders, among them Steve Wakerley of Christchurch… [Read On]

It has been a massive journey for my parents… as their three boys (me being one of them), left for parts uncharted (to Australia), they both have found that better late than never is the theme of the second half of their lives!

When I was growing up I remember conversations/discussion/prayers about Bali, which I imagined an exotic paradise filled with wild natives (any one who has grown up hearing about missionaries will know exactly what I mean). In some parallel universe it seemed I could have grown up a missionary kid, instead of playing left wing in my local Southbridge Rugby team in country New Zealand.

Now I may be completely off course and remember things through the filter of memory but Bali could have been an opportunity that never eventuated for whatever reason for us.

Now that their life has taken them to this incredibly challenging, frustrating, totally out-of-depth, but eternally significant experience I am in awe at their tenacity and faithfulness to the call of God in their lives.

They are making steady progress toward the finishing of a fantastic facility to eventually be used for::

  • An orphanage for local children
  • A free medical facility for those who can’t afford any kind of health-care
  • A vocational training centre.

The people that will benefit from this ministry will be the poorest of the poor – children and adults who haven’t the means to bring up their children, eg. widows, orphans and the disabled.

So cialis generic pharmacy anyway, check out the site at: bhachau.org for more info.

As you may know I am holding a domain auction with the (however small or large) proceeds going directly to them, have look here.

I’m proud of you Mum and Dad!

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