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BlogWhen I started blogging in November of 2004 there was not much in the way of blogging going on that had anything with ministry to children. I actually blogged only twice that month, but that has since grown to 340 posts, but since then millions of blogs have been added and the list of blogs relating to serving children on this earth has grown.

Technorati lists 1,150 blogs that discuss Youth Ministry, and 232 blogs that discuss children’s ministry. Both those number are lower if we count only those blogs that are strongly focussed on ministry to youth/children.

I now actively follow 50 blogs that relate to CM… some of them loosely related, some fully engaged conversation about how to reach children for Jesus Christ.

But I have been pretty pumped to see the rise in recent times of quality blogging exploding like a coke bottle full of mentos… like an out of control object lesson involving baking soda…

So here are my top ten blogs, some of these are new, some are ancient (more than a year old):

  • Jim Wideman’s Blog – The legend, the man, the blog… Brother Jim joins the blogosphere. It seems like Jim has exploded online in the last month or so, first by starting a Podcast, then joining Kidology and posting voraciously and now to top it all off a BLOG! Jim is the Children’s Pastor at Church on the Move and a veteran… the ‘Camp Dad’ of children’s ministry. Generous both with his time and words I love seeing a dude stick around for so long. Staying and building the local church.
  • Just Pudge – Just like the aforementioned coke, Pudge Huckaby exploded with some of the best written posts on ministry I have read in ages! Pudge is the Elementary School Pastor at Newspring Churches Children’s Ministry ‘The Majestic‘ (love that name!). After an initial flurry of brilliance, the blog is taking a break, but I fully expect Pudge to return to his former glory and join the pantheon of greatness that he is destined to become a part of!
  • Children’s Ministry and Culture – The blog of Larry Shallenberger and Keith Johnson, this sucker has been around almost as long as my own blog. Both are authors of a number of books and contribute to CM Mag. They have great insight into the culture of children and are particularly bright individuals prone to finding obscure research and applying it to work with children and then causing me to think long and deeply about it.
  • Karl Bastian (the Kidologist) – Karl… where does one start. The creator of Kidology.org, possibly… okay not possibly… hands down the best forum online to get answers from your peers around the world. The blog is a mixture of personal entries (beautiful adoption story), and a bizarre fascination with Mountain Dew and almost beats me out in the oldness stakes, but not quite (March 2005).
  • The Remix of Children’s Ministry – The Children’s Pastor of Horizon Community Church in Ohio, US. Matt is not the most prolific blogger but has some very nice things to say about me, so I thought I should give him a shout-out 🙂 But seriously when he speaks, I listen.
  • Phil Vischer -The creator of the Veggies. Not really a CM focussed blog, but Phil has VERY cool things to say about the media industry and is very intelligent.
  • Multi-Site Kids – Tammy Melchien serves as the Executive Director of Kids’ City, the Children’s Ministry of Community Christian Church. CCC is a multi-site church with 8 locations in the Chicagoland area. She has great insight on how to duplicate ministries and blogs very candidly and openly about it.
  • P2 – Family Pastor of Ridge Stone Church in Canton, Ga. Another old man in the blog world (Started June 2005), and doing cool things in a relatively new church plant.
  • Children’s Ministry by Design – Stephen Posey is one of the Children’s Pastors at Church On The Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It’s great to see not only Jim blogging, but his staff getting into it as well! A baby blog started in March 07 but STACKS of great content already!
  • Glen Woods – Currently the volunteer Children’s Pastor of Portland Open Bible Church. actos sales Another brainy dude who is writing about the intersection of theology and culture in the practice of children’s ministry… I like that… theology and culture.

So there you have it. I have a bunch of other favourites, but they have all been punished because they don’t write enough 🙂

The message is clear… if you are reading this and don’t have a blog. Get one… and start writing.

UPDATE: Corrected link to Matt McKee’s blog.


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    Hi, I’m just wondering if there’re any blogs or websites that are for children themselves to read….any children’s ministry available online for those children who can’t go to church….Chinese children, African children, children who want to know their Superhero more but their parents wouldn’t give them the opportunity, children who cry out for justice and supernatural intervention but don’t know where to get help…maybe you can also start a kids church online?

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    Thanks for shining a light on all these great blogs. Its exciting to see children’s guys connecting. Hopefully we’re approaching a tipping point with children’s ministry content online. The more great free content out there for children’s pastors the better!

  3. says

    Wow! Dave thanks so much for the kind words! I should be releasing a new post this week about “a come back?” Hopefully it will be a fun read!

    Seriously, great post!! Networking is a big part of ministry and it was fun to see some fellow bloggers out there!

    Thanks again so much for the kind words!


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    Thanks Dave also for your kind words. The Lord got on to me and put in my heart to not stop putting into workers outside my church. I want to spend the rest of my life helping the next generation of children’s pastor know what I know in less time than I learned it so they can do more than I’ve ever been able to. As I look around the web, the future looks mighty bright!

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    Thanks so much for the mention, Dave! I’m a regular reader of your blog too and am always encouraged by your posts. I’m anxious to check out some of the others you mentioned that I haven’t been to yet.

    Thanks again and God bless!

    by grace,

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    Dave great post. It is so exciting that so many children’s pastors are blogging. When I first started working in full-time children’s ministry about 10 years ago, there was not to much out there to help a young children’s pastor out. I am so happy and so blessed that there is so much more out there to help us learn and grow. I have learned so much from many of the blogs you mentioned, and am looking forward to checking out the ones I haven’t read yet. Thanks for the list. And thanks for all you guys do at Hillsong you guys are a blessing and inspiration. And as far as starting a blog, I actually just started a blog two weeks ago so far it’s been a blast we will see where the conversation leads. God bless.

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    Thanks for the love. The only problem is that when you click on the link to my blog it doesn’t take you to my site. Here is the link you need http://www.3cords.org/blogs/remixchildrensministry/default.aspx
    . Also thanks for putting this list together. Like I told Bro. Jim, I am putting together a RSS feed with all of the children’s ministry blogs so that you only have to subscribe to one feed instead of 25 or 50. I have a sample one done through Yahoo Pipes. Here it is: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_id=hr0qF6Dy2xGpkFzynkartA&_render=rss
    Be warned though. It is not perfect and Yahoo still has some work to do with this technology. Lastly, not prolific?!…not prolific?…I had to look it up. I thought you were giving me a compliment. Anyway, I thank you and I am looking forward to Pudge’s come back.

  8. Kristin Evans says

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing all this super info. It’s such a great networking tool. I’ve been thinking of starting my own blog for quite a while. You’ve inspired me. Even if it’s just for my leaders to read, it’s a great way to stay connected. Thanks!

  9. says

    Thanks for all your awesome comments!

    SUSAN: I don’t know of any websites… but you have started my quest to find one!

    SAM: I have added your blog to my read list! Looking forward to reading more!

    MATT: Fixed the link! Nice use of Yahoo pipes! Will check out the feed!

    KRISTIN: Let us know the blog you start! Post another comment!

    Dave Wakerley

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. I am quite humbled. I appreciate your highlighting others who are sharing their experiences and expertise as well. Thank you!


    Glen Alan Woods

  11. says

    Thanks for the links. I started Aug 2005 but have lost interest in blogging more than once. I think I’ve settled into it now thanks to WordPress and future posts.

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