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Victor Borge is funny.

When I was maybe 10 or 11 my dad took me to see Victor Borge at the Christchurch Town Hall. Victor was a Danish pianist and comedian whose one-man show, Comedy in Music became the longest running ever with 849 performances in the 50’s.

I was thinking yesterday, (happens occasionally) that the performance had quite a profound effect on me. I was one of only maybe 3 or 4 kids in the audience, and maybe I didn’t get all the jokes. I remember laughing pretty hard though.

I don’t even know why dad took me to see him, I had started to learn the piano at that stage, but we hardly ever went to many concerts at all.

Influence and inspiration can happen in the strangest of places. It was at that concert that my love of comedy and music started. And today they are both a huge part of my life.

Music: Well I write songs and play music. And my ipod ear plugs have been repaired (little bit of tape does wonders) frequently through overuse. My wife knows when I am coming because she will hear my whistle before she sees me and my CD collection has slowed its growth only recently because of some perplexing need to spend my hard earned dollars on more nappies.

Comedy: Umm… Well I watch a lot of reruns of Whose Line is it Anyway?… And my weekends at church are spent doing a lot of stand-up comedy… I stand up in front of the kids… they laugh. [hmm… apologies to all reading]

So who are you influencing?

Victor Borge may have done it without realising, but I think we need to be intentional.

Every weekend I am thinking two things (sometimes more… but let’s take an average weekend);

  1. The next senior pastor of this church is sitting in one of our kids services.
  2. I want every single child in my care to grow up and lead children to Christ. A big fat hairy audacious goal I know… but why have 5 mg paxil wimpy goals?

If you have never heard of Victor, check out one of his most famous routines, phonetic punctuation below…


“What you lookin’ at?”

Check out the rest of the Photoset

More photos of the Wakerley’s first born…

Is it just me or is he gtting cuter everyday. I know you may look at these photos and see just another 5 mg norvasc baby, but i’ll have you know, I have no idea how my genes produced such a specimen of human perfection — even when he cries 🙂

Part three in the continuing chronicles of Brooklyn Wakerley on flickr.com

(If you haven’t checked out flickr, it’s a brillant place to share your photos).


Sir Ted Robinson on education.

One of the most profound thoughts running around on a rampage in my head is the idea that the church can take lead the way in educating our kids. Public education systems around the world are obsolete and irrelevant and getting more so by the day.

The church, free of the constraints of government mandated curriculum can respond in the space of a week and begin to teach kids the most important knowledge on earth, the gospel of Jesus Christ in ways that have not been seen before.
Watch the video below from Ken Robinson and get inspired to create real learning in your children.

Sir Ken Robinson

Click here to watch “TED : Sir Ken Robinson (2006) video”
Sir Ken Robinson is an influential advocate for the importance of creativity in education. He makes an entertaining (and profoundly moving) case for overhauling our education system. 5 lisinopril mg [Recorded February, 2006 in Monterey, CA]


How did YOU get here?

So how did you get to this blog?

It’s possible that you found it by searching on Google or Yahoo.

People have typed in some pretty unusual searches and found my blog… The cool thing is, every time someone puts a search term in Google or whatever and finds me, I get a record of it. So here are some of the more unusual terms people have found my blog with; some obvious, some bizarre:

  • giant connect 4
  • turtle talk with crush – Ah Yes… I blogged about that last year…
  • bar – I have no idea?
  • children’s ministry names – Sure, makes sense.
  • tamagotchi helping page children
  • hillsongs kids jesus is my superhero free download – Naughty, naughty.
  • download super strong god-hillsong kid – Very Naughty!
  • children reading the bible – Great Idea!
  • religious jokes on discipleship
  • russian praise and worship ministry
  • give 400 mg skelaxin yourself to the savior- children’s program – Seems like a great thing for a kid to do.
  • woman on campus – Hmmm?
  • funny kid’s comments about church
  • hillsong children scary – Hey, they’re not that scary.
  • jack’s big music show figures – All the figures I have are my own, I promise.
  • 666 in pop culture
  • ministry trumpet or rhema or kids or child or spokane tim carpenter – Blow that rhema tim trumpet?
  • very pregnant album wedding – This is just silly, Beci didn’t get pregnant for years after our wedding!
  • five most significant accomplishments in children’s ministry – Aw shucks, such a nice thing to say about this blog.
  • fozzie bear jokes – don’t know any.

Drop the narrative

Interesting findings from a study in preschool programming…

Aussie iTV study tells preschool programmers to toss the narrative

A three-year research study from Perth, Australia’s Interactive Television Research Institute (ITRI) at Murdoch University may change the way producers and networks approach preschool programming the world over. Although the 40 mg strattera university is in the process of releasing the study’s results, which examined how interactivity can enhance a five-year-old’s experience with preschool programming, some initial findings are certain to raise questions about how the biz currently speaks to the youngest of viewers.

Read on


Kidsong World 2006


The above photo is a screen shot from the video footage taken at Kidsong World. I did not take ANY photos at all this year… This is one of the night rallies in the Acer Arena. I am smack bang in the middle under the God’s Army Banner. Yeah thats it, the flesh coloured blob.

Well we had a spectacular conference over two thousand kids ranging from 3 years old to year 5 at school (age 10-11). If you can’t imagine what that looks like… the average VBS runs from about 9 till midday for five days… Kidsong World runs from 8:00am until 3:30pm for four days… and then we run ten night rallies… two per night of the conference! (Don’t forget the weekend services that happen on either side of the conference either, 7 in our city campus alone!)

So my hat is firmly off to the more than 400 hundred full-time and part-time volunteers that make this thing happen! And the week was the BEST running EVER by a huge margin.

Apart from the fact that this was the smoothest running conference ever, God did some amazing things in kids lives this year – lot’s of testimonies and kids thanking God for doing great things in their lives and their families lives.

We have a thing we call ‘Ask God’ and ‘Thank God’s’ in every rally we do. The kids write down, before the program starts, anything they want to thank or ask God for. Then we pray over them during the rally and follow-up as necessary. Well an interesting theme this year was the amount of times kids wanted us to pray that: 1. Their parents would stop fighting, or get back together if they were divorced, and 2. That parents or relatives would stop smoking.

I don’t know if it was because I kept talking about it from the front and that bought more of those prayer requests out, but kids were seriously asking for answers to serious situations!

I will post some of the awesome thank God’s when I get them from the office, I am writing this with Brooklyn (now five months old) sitting on my lap smearing baby saliva over any part of me he can reach. And trying to have a conversation with a pen he is holding 40 mg prozac (predominately in his mouth).

So adieu, good night, I bid thee a fond farewell.



As Susan pointed out in my last posts comments, I have not mentioned a single thing about the amazing conference that just happened last week.

Thousands of kids…

Smoothest running conference ever…

Volunteers completely excited and blessed…

Huge God moments with volunteers and leaders…

Some pretty funny moments that either involve breaking things and/or high pitched voices…

So I will HAVE to post something soon. It was a pretty spectacular 40 mg paxil week for everyone involved.