I have totally changed the way I use the web from only about a few months ago. I used to search a lot, randomly surfing for interesting stuff…

But I changed.

Now I log on I almost always go straight (after checking email) to checking for any new posts on the blogs I read. I use bloglines, which allows me to check all the blogs in one place.

Most of the interesting stuff I read is recommended in these blogs.

Change happens.

I am in the middle of a manifesto about change and your childrens ministry in 2006.

Coming soon to this blog…


“Whats that noise Bill?”

“It’s the winds of change Mildred, the winds of change”



  1. says

    Well, I have just been writing down some thoughts on change and leadership… and have almost finished, so I will be putting it up for download soon.

    Ok Bloglines.

    Bloglines is a central website for reading all the blogs that matter to you. So you add all your favourite blogs to it, you can list any blog you like.

    goto bloglines.com and create a free account then simply add blogs to your list, by putting in the url http://www.whatever.com, it will search the site for and feed (blog) and add it to your list.

    Does that make sense?

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